Single Origin Guatemalan Coffee

It's All About Balance

Those who enjoy the smooth taste and intoxicating aroma of milk chocolate and creamy caramel (with a hint of orange) will love our single origin, USDA Certified Organic, Guatemalan coffee. We’ve created a profile that extracts these amazing flavors that results in a perfectly balanced, great-tasting medium roast that’s great hot or for cold brewing!

Why Single Origin Guatemalan Coffee?

Guatemala has long been known for its coffee producing capabilities, thanks in no small part to its high elevation. Combine that with a subtropical climate and a unique nutrient-filled soil (due to the area’s volcanos), the area produces nearly 3.5 million bags of coffee per year. Cooper’s Cask Coffee doesn’t import quite that much (never say never, though), but what we do is import Grade 1 single origin Guatemalan coffee.

What makes single origin Guatemalan coffee at Cooper’s Cask Coffee so special? Part of it is within the name. One of the problems with other coffee producers is that—while importing their beans—they mix and match them to create the coffee blends that you see on your local supermarket shelf.

When you blend all of these coffee beans and leave them sitting in a warehouse or shelf for weeks on end, it degrades and oxidizes the flavor. Unfortunately, this takes away what makes the beans unique. The point of using single origin Guatemalan coffee beans is that it allows you to really taste the subtle complexities unique to the region.

But we’re not just picky about where we get our coffee beans. We take just as much pride in our small batch roasting process, which gives us complete control of the taste profile. Over countless hours spent by our team, we’ve tweaked and perfected the process to deliver the freshest, high quality single origin Guatemalan coffee beans.

Cooper’s isn’t going to lead the industry when it comes to producing the most bags, but we’re okay with that. Going the extra mile and doing things differently lets coffee snobs, newbies, and agnostics enjoy each sip of our single origin Guatemalan coffee. Ultimately, at Cooper’s Cask Coffee is to always do what we can to ensure the best possible product for customers so that they can feel the same love for our coffee as we do.

So if you’re interested in this great tasting medium roast, order yourself a bag and taste the difference yourself! We freshly roast every bag of single origin Guatemalan coffee beans—to ensure maximum flavor, taste, and enjoyment when it arrives at your doorstep. And when you take that first sip, you’ll immediately notice a smooth and sweet taste profile with notes of milk chocolate, creamy caramel and a hint of orange.

Think a different flavor might be more your style? Try our product match tool to find the bag that best fits your tastes!