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Announcing Our New Website!


March 25, 2023

As a small-batch coffee company specializing in barrel-aged and single-origin products, Cooper’s Cask Coffee is committed to providing the highest quality coffee beans to every customer. We only roast fresh to order, ensuring all of our coffee is consistent and full of bold flavor in every cup. 

Recently we partnered with Lifted Logic, an award-winning web design company, to create a new website that mirrors our quality, roasted-to-perfection coffee. 

What’s in it for you?

Our new website makes purchases easier while providing more information about the coffee you’re putting in your cart. Subscription options are all on the purchase page for quick, easy, and consistent coffee delivery. 

We also decided to put our best face forward and give our coffee a new look—highlighted on our website in all of our new professional photos and web design. Of course, our team and customers got in on the photoshoot too. We hope this look into our world shows you the values that likely brought you to us: a love for good, quality coffee. You also get a better look at our barrel-aging process, a unique aspect to Cooper’s Cask Coffee. 

While working on the web design, our team focused on perfecting every word, image, and feature you see. We want to be the best at everything we do, from roasting coffee to streamlining our website for every customer who visits. 

You can now: 

I’d never considered trying barrel-aged coffee before, but after working with Cooper’s Cask Coffee I was sold. If you’re looking for the best barrel-aged or single-origin coffee… look no further. Cooper’s Cask Coffee knows what’s up—and they’re truly fantastic to work with.

— Todd Smidt, COO -Lifted Logic & President – Of Whiskey & Words

New website, same top-quality coffee: Cooper’s

Coffee is one of the small luxuries in life—so you deserve to be drinking the best. That’s where Cooper’s Cask Coffee comes in. Consistent flavor, subscription options, roasted when ordered… Cooper’s has everything a coffee company should. Not to mention we’re dedicated to making sure that you get the coffee that’s right for you

Keep browsing our website or contact us to get in touch about how we can serve you.