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How It Started

We met in 2005 while working in the same department for a technology company. At one point, I remember being intrigued when Jason mentioned that he was importing and roasting his own coffee beans. I learned that over the course of several years, he had tried a number of varieties from all over the world. I remember, quite distinctly, being handed a cup of freshly brewed coffee that he’d roasted himself, and then enjoying the time he took with me to share the tasting profile, origin, and the best ways to prepare and enjoy it. I was hooked.

Fast forward to 2014. I happened upon a few companies that were aging tea in wine barrels. “What a great idea,” I thought. And then I started to ponder, “Well, what about coffee?”. I did a search and discovered a few companies that were aging their coffee beans in used whiskey barrels. I ordered their products, but unfortunately, I wasn’t all that impressed. I knew I could do better.

I called up a good friend at the Sons Of Liberty distillery, grabbed some recently dumped whiskey barrels and added some Sumatra beans. After 60 days, we sent our samples to everyone we could think of. After getting rave reviews from editorials like The Whiskey Advocate, I knew we had something special and the rest is history.

We’ve done a lot of work and I can tell you simply: We’ve sourced the best grade 1 single origin beans. Our roast profiles are spot on. The aging processes are pristine. We’ve done it. You will truly enjoy a cup of Cooper’s Cask coffee.

-John Speights

The Story of Cooper's

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We decided to reached out to our friends at Sons Of Liberty Spirits and pick up a couple used American whiskey barrels. We packed them full of grade 1 Sumatra beans. The first barrel aged product was born. Uprising Malt Whiskey | Barrel Aged Coffee Beans. We then sent samples out to 40 bloggers and received great feedback—letting us know we had something special.


Our website went live and at this point, we were still roasting on a small rotisserie coffee roaster out of a home garage. It was all still a hobby, and we are just having fun testing and developing different barrel aged coffee beans. We later upgraded to this fancy 5lb per batch air roaster.


We decided to really turn this into a real business. John talked to a family member who owned a restaurant and exchanged web development services for space in the kitchen. We took that little a 5lb per batch air roaster and eventually went live on Amazon. Sales had taken off by December, which took our demand to the next level. We now had to roast coffee at nights from 10:00 P.M. until 2:00 or 3:00 A.M. to keep up with holiday orders. We did this all in a 200-year-old (haunted) restaurant, and that’s how the Cooper’s Cask Coffee gift box set was born! We later upgraded to an imported roaster, the Ozturk!


We moved our operation into a 500 square-foot garage. Cooper’s Coffee soon added 20 new coffee products, causing us to outgrow our space in record time. 2018 rolled around and we updated our roastery again to 5,000 sq feet, new warehouse, and equipment to keep up with the demand.


Today, we are now a FDA Registered, USDA Certified Organic roastery. We’ve continued to upgraded our roastery with state of the art equipment and have expanded our team. Not only that, but we’ve partnered with Kansas City-based web agency Lifted Logic to help us share our story with the world.

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