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Savor Your Cup—and Your Savings—With a Cooper’s Cask Coffee Subscription

Fresh Coffee Beans

October 17, 2023

Subscriptions rock! When you purchase a subscription, you get to watch your favorite media. You always have new razor blades. You never run out of dog food!

You can even get a new animal skull every month, sign up for a moss-of-the-month subscription, or receive monthly letters from dead people. You do you. We’re just saying: it’s good times in the subscription world.

Cooper’s Cask Coffee has a subscription, too. Together, we can make sure you never run out of the coffee you love and never run to the store to buy more. It’s easy, it saves money, and it gives you something delicious to look forward to. 

Contact us with your questions, and read on about the subscription your taste buds will love.

Your Coffee at Your Door

The Cooper’s Cask Coffee subscription service delivers your favorite single origin coffee right to your door. Love your Ethiopia Bold Light Roast? Always have it available. Enjoy a fine cup of Malt Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee as a special treat (even if by “special,” we mean “morning”)? Never run out for that “perfect moment.” Have a K-Cup style machine? Keep your delicious Cooper’s Single Serve ready to go, whenever you’re on the go.

How does a coffee subscription work?

It starts with your Cooper’s Cask Coffee account. If you’ve bought from us before, you have one already. If not, you’ll create an account when you sign up for your subscription.

When you go to our subscription page, you’ll see some handy options to help you choose your Cooper’s Cask Coffee product:

  • Barrel Aged Coffee
  • Single Origin Coffee
  • Cold Brew
  • Espresso & Decaf

You can also scroll down the page for specific links. Heck, you can even go to your favorite coffee first. We’ve made it super easy.

For example, let’s say you decide to order some Colombian Dark Roast Coffee. Yum—good choice. You’re about to enjoy cup after cup delivering rustic sweetness, cocoa, and dark fruit notes.

When you go to order it, notice that right below where it says “Purchase one time,” you can click on this button:

  • Subscribe and save 10%

A drop-down menu will appear, and you can choose to have your coffee delivered every 2 weeks, 4 weeks, or 6 weeks. 

Pick your frequency, and click “Sign Up Now.” A window will open, showing your amount and asking if you want to keep shopping or check out now. Either way, you’re on your way to always having the freshest premier coffee available to you without lifting a finger.

Why get a coffee subscription?

Getting a fair trade coffee subscription seems to be self-explanatory for the benefit. You get the freshest roast of coffee delivered to your door at the frequency you desire. You’ll always have fresh beans to make your favorite brew.

To quote our favorite Sham-Wow salesman: “But wait—there’s more!”

Your Coffee Subscription Saves Money

When you get a coffee subscription for Cooper’s Cask Coffee, you can save money in 2 ways.

10% Off on Subscriptions

You might have noticed that we name our button for the single-origin subscription “Subscribe and save 10%.” That’s because when you subscribe, well—you save 10% on the price of your coffee. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

For our barrel aged choices, you’ll save 20%! Subscribe to savings as you subscribe to your favorite cup.

Free Delivery on Orders Over $50

You’re already saving money just by having a subscription. If that subscription is for $50 or more, we’ll ship it to you for free. So you save 10 to 20%, and then you don’t pay shipping. Put that in your pot and brew it!

So with discounts on coffee and free shipping on orders over $50 dollars, you’ve got some long-term savings coming your way every 2, 4, or 6 weeks!

Knowing How Much Coffee to Order

One of the keys to having a great coffee subscription experience is knowing the right amount of coffee to order. If you order too much, you have extra. If you order too little, you run out. So like a caffeinated baby bear, you need to order the amount that’s “juuuust right.”

If you love coffee, you already know how often you need to buy coffee. However, if you like doing the numbers, or you’re just not sure how much you’ll need, try this estimate.

A 12oz cup of coffee = .50 to .75 ounces of coffee beans, depending on how strong you like it.

If you enjoy 1 cup/day, that’s 7 cups a week, and that’s 14/28/42 cups based on our frequency of delivery. Yes, we know—who wants to drink just 12 ounces of Cooper’s Cask Coffee in one sitting? But work with us here, because we’re almost to the end.

So for a 4-week subscription, that’s 28 cups times either .5 or .75, equalling 14 or 21 ounces. 

Break out your calculator and crunch those numbers! We recommend drinking an espresso made from our Brazil Medium Dark Roast Espresso beans, but that’s because we’ll take any reason to enjoy an espresso. Mathematics, meet aromatics.

You Can Change Your Order Whenever You Need To

Once you start receiving regular deliveries of awesome coffee, what do you do if you want to change it up?

You just change it up. It’s that easy. When you’re a subscriber, you can log in to your account, select subscriptions, and change out their products, pause the subscription, or even cancel the subscription.

We don’t lock you into a subscription for any specific period. Enjoy your Cooper’s Cask Coffee subscription as long as you wish, the way you wish. 

We want you to enjoy super-fresh, delicious Cooper’s Cask Coffee as easily as possible. We make it super easy to switch, pause, or cancel. And if changing your order seems a little complicated, just send us a quick email and we will make the changes for you! 

We reply within an hour—usually within 10 minutes—Monday through Friday, 9PM to 4PM Eastern.

4 of the barrel aged coffee products to show examples of whole bean vs ground coffee

Bean Box Subscriptions or Single Cup Subscriptions

We’ve talked about single or multiple coffee bag subscriptions. You can also subscribe to receive our fair trade boxed sets! We have several to choose from, so you can receive bean boxes, ground coffee boxes, and even single serve (like K-cups) boxes.

Singular Satisfaction

Single Origin Coffee Boxed Set. This set includes four bags of our most popular single origin coffees. This makes a great gift or simply a great way to try single origin coffees from around the world.

  • Sumatra tasting notes: An earthy tone and bold flavors.
  • Ethiopian tasting notes: Subtle citrus taste with raw floral honey and wild berry undertones.
  • Rwanda tasting notes: Sweet and rich taste along with a silky body.
  • Kenya tasting notes: Bright with hints of baked peaches and a heavy syrupy body.

Roll Out the Barrels

Barrel Aged Coffee Box Set. Our best-selling barrel aged boxed set is a great way to try all 4 barrel aged coffees—Kentucky Bourbon Barrel (Colombian), Stout Whiskey (Sumatra), Rye Whiskey (Ethiopian), and Thomas Tew Rum (Rwanda).

  • Kentucky Bourbon tasting notes: Rustic sweetness, a hint of coca, and dark fruit notes.
  • Rye Whiskey tasting notes: Peach jam and strawberries, red raw honey, and dutch chocolate.
  • Malt Whiskey tasting notes: Woody earth, tobacco, tropical fruits, vanilla, and caramel.
  • Rum Barrel tasting notes: Caramelized sugar, red raisins, molasses, rich coca, baking spices, vanilla, and oak.

Wine Barrel Aged Coffee Boxed Set. Includes 3 bags of wine barrel aged coffees in a handsome box set. The unique taste profiles of the single origin beans paired with wine imparts a sweetness note usually seen with medium roasted coffee.

  • Cabernet Sauvignon tasting notes: Dark fruited notes and chocolate hazelnut with a toasted oak finish.
  • Chardonnay tasting notes: Subtle tartness of green apples and green grape skins, with notes of honeysuckle nectar.
  • Pinot Noir tasting notes: Dried figs, rustic sweetness, and crème brulee with a finish that’s slightly sweet.

Double the Pleasure of Single Serve

Bourbon Barrel Aged Single Serve Cups Variety Box. Combining premium, single origin Colombian, Ethiopian, Rwanda, and Sumatra coffee beans with the flavors and aromas of Kentucky bourbon, rye and malt whiskey and rum, this 24-count single serve box set is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. 

Cold Choice for Chilling

Cold Brew Coffee Box Set. These 3 single origin coffees from Guatemala, Colombia, and Peru are uniquely profiled specifically for cold brew lovers. Each bag includes tasting notes, roast levels, and origin information.

  • Colombian tasting notes: Mild flavor that includes hints of rustic sweetness, cocoa, and dark fruit notes.
  • Guatemalan tasting notes: Smooth taste with intoxicating aromas of milk chocolate, creamy caramel, and a hint of orange.
  • Peruvian tasting notes: Vibrant taste experience including smooth caramel and hints of cherry and citrus. 

The Boldest Box Choice

Espresso Coffee Box Set. These single origin coffees from Kenya, Ethiopia, and Brazil are uniquely profiled specifically for espresso lovers. Each bag includes tasting notes, roast levels, and origin information.

  • Brazil tasting notes: Creamy brown sugar, black cherry, and sweet orange. 
  • Ethiopian tasting notes: Subtle citrus taste with raw floral honey and wild berry undertones. 
  • Kenya tasting notes: Full bodied & bright with tastes of baked peaches with a heavy, syrupy body.

How to Store Your Deliveries

Now that you’re getting premium-quality coffee on the regular, how do you store it to keep it fresh?

For starters, if your coffee arrives in a resealable, airtight bag, keep it in a cool, dry place. We recommend a cabinet away from the stove or any heat sources. Better yet, a pantry works well. Heat sources will increase the oxidation rate of the beans/ground coffee, so you need to keep them out of sunlight and away from ovens/stoves. 

Some people put their order in the freezer. This is ok—but once any condensation gets in the bag, it will reduce freshness rather quickly even though it’s in the coldest place in your house. It’s hard not to get any condensation into the standard bag, so once you start to freeze the bag, the one-way valve will likely start to fail and allow condensation to get in.

Airtight Containers Are the Best

No matter how you store your coffee, the container needs to be airtight to retain the best freshness. There are several different ways to achieve this, and as long as you keep it in a cool place out of sunlight, you’ll do well.

Atmos Vacuum Storage Canister

For the best storage, the container should be airtight—and airless. You can have that with our Atmos Vacuum Canister. This sleek canister includes an integrated vacuum pump. Once you put your coffee inside the canister, you put on the lid and twist it back and forth. This removes air from the inside.

An indicator has a dot on it that shows how close you are to airtight. When the dot reveals a green right, the vacuum is now locked to prevent oxidation. This will extend your coffee’s shelf life and help your Cooper’s Cask Coffee retain its great flavor.

When you’re ready for more coffee, push the easy release button, and the canister goes back to normal pressure. This tool is very reasonably priced, and it’s perfect for storage.


Gift Subscriptions Available Too

When you get a coffee subscription, you join our Cooper’s Crew, enjoying special pricing and great coffee. 

You may know some others who would be a great fit for the Cooper’s Crew—a family member, coworker, whoever deserves to enjoy the great taste of Cooper’s without worrying about running out.

Now you can send a Gift Subscription to them! It works like the regular subscription, except the coffee arrives at peak freshness wherever your gift-receiver is in the 48 states. You can pick the frequency, the amount, and control how long you want them to be sent.

If you have a subscription of your own, this will link to it, and you can control them both from the same place. If you desire to change the amount and/or coffee type in their subscription, do it. If you need to end the subscription, do it. You’re in the driver’s seat any time you need.

As a bonus: your gift recipient can also pause the subscription, or end it, whenever they want. 

What Makes Cooper’s Subscription Different

Here’s the deal on the deal: your subscription coffee club should allow you full control of your account.

Once you subscribe—and we believe this applies to any subscription for anything—you want to make sure you can:

  • Log into your account whenever you need.
  • Easily find the subscription.
  • See the options to pause/cancel without having to go through hoops.
  • Pause or end the subscription whenever you wish.

Earn Points With Your Subscription

Every purchase on our website earns you bonus points. As your points accumulate, you can get cool free stuff along with your orders! So when you have a coffee subscription, your point tally will grow, and your ability to enjoy some pretty sweet Cooper’s gear grows too.

You Choose the Coffee

Unlike “coffee of the month” clubs, a subscription with Cooper’s Cask Coffee means you get the coffee you actually want, fresh-roasted and sent on the frequency you want. Want to try a different bean? You can do that simply and quickly in your account. Experiment as much as you want, as frequently as you want. 

Ways to Brew Your Fresh Coffee

Our coffee comes with the roast date hand-written on the bag, so that you know how fresh your coffee is. Honestly, coffee is drinkable even after storing the beans for a few months. However, great coffee is made from fresh beans. When you get 30 days or so past the roasted date, the flavors begin to degrade more quickly as oxidation takes its toll. 

That’s one of the great benefits of a coffee subscription. You’ll get amazing, fresh, premier coffee delivered regularly so that you can have the freshest every day.

As your tastebuds understand the differences, you’ll be able to enjoy Cooper’s Cask Coffee in several different ways. You may be accustomed to an automatic drip coffee maker for all your coffee needs. That’s fine—but now that you won’t run out of coffee, it’s time to experiment!

Cold Brew Coffee with Cooper’s

This is the easiest way to brew coffee, and one of the smoothest cups you’ll ever drink. On our Gear page, you’ll find the inexpensive Mizudashi Coffee Maker. The simplicity of the brewing process and the coffee maker make this a very popular choice with our customers. 

Grind coffee coarse for a lighter, more delicate coffee, or finer for a cold brew with more body and strength. Put the ground coffee into the Mizudashi fine mesh basket, then add water and put the container in your refrigerator. We recommend at least 12 hours of brewing time, so you can do it in the early evening to have the next morning. If you want a stronger brew, let it go for 24 hours. 

The coffee has great flavor, with a non-acidic smoothness that will surprise and delight. 

Cleanup is easy, too, so that you get to enjoy a great cup of coffee without worry.

Recommended Cold Brew Coffees

We have 3 different coffees we roast to make ideal cold brew:

Impress With an AeroPress

Rapid brewing can produce a cup of delicious, hot coffee with no acidity, bitterness, or grit. Our AeroPress Original Coffee Maker uses a microfilter and hand-operated hydraulic pressure to deliver a cup that takes French press to a whole new level. 

You can make this cup of heaven in under one minute. Using the AeroPress is easy. In the main cylinder, you add coffee and water, and stir it. Then, put the plunger into the top—and press. Cleanup also only takes seconds.

Not all great coffee requires great lengths of time or effort. This easy-peasy brewing method makes 1 to 2 cups of coffee, and can do cold brew and espresso-style too!

AreoPress With Cooper’s

You can use any of our coffees to make a great cup of AeroPress brew. Here are 3 suggestions that can give you excellent results:

Hario V60 Pour Over Kit

Rave Over Our Pour Over

Pretty much every Cooper’s Cask Coffee team member has a Hario V60 Pour Over Kit. At this price, how can you resist? 

This brewing system has a glass coffee pot, lid, measuring cup for the best amount of coffee, paper filter pack, and a glass conical dripper. A pour over requires slightly more effort than the cold brew and AeroPress, but it’s also pretty much our favorite way to make coffee.

You put a filter into the conical dripper, add your grinds, and then pour hot water onto the grinds in a circular motion just until the coffee is wet. Next, you let the coffee grinds sit for about 30 seconds or so. This allows the grinds to “bloom” and prepare to provide maximum extraction.

Finally, you pour the rest of your hot water onto the grinds, starting in a circular motion from the center out, and then reversing the direction back into the center. The more quickly or slowly you pour the water controls the extraction strength. In the end, you achieve an even extraction that delivers a rich and balanced cup of coffee.

Rich Choices for Pour Overs

Our barrel aged coffees are particularly well-suited for pour overs, where you can control the richness of the brew. But don’t worry—it’s wonderful for all our beans.

  • Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee. The green beans spend up to 60 days in an authentic Kentucky bourbon barrel, delivering a roasted taste profile of rustic sweetness, dark fruit notes, a hint of cocoa, and smooth bourbon finish.
  • Kenya AA Medium Dark Roast Coffee. A full-bodied, bright coffee birthed from unique soil, with the tastes of baked peaches with a heavy, syrupy body.
  • Ethiopia Bold Light Roast Coffee. This coffee undergoes a honeyed drying process, which leaves a thin layer of fruit peel pulp on the cherry as the beans dry. This provides a subtle citrus taste with raw floral honey and wild berry undertones.

More Tools for the Perfect Cup

As you grow to enjoy truly good coffee instead of the old beans/grinds you too often find on grocery store shelves, you may want to up your coffee game. We get it, because we’ve done it too! That’s why our Gear page has some of the best coffee brewing methods and accessories to make delicious coffee experiences.

The Kettle That Doesn’t Settle

The water for brewing coffee should be between 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit. You can heat that any way you 

want at home, using a thermometer to reach the best temperature.

Or, you can purchase our Stagg EKG Pro Kettle. This technologically advanced heating kettle looks beautiful on a counter in flat black. The sleek design hides surprising feature abilities, including:

  • Scheduling: Set your kettle to reach a specific temperature at a specific time.
  • Guide Mode: Preset temperatures for different coffee brewing styles and types of tea.
  • Adjustable Hold Mode: Keep your water hot for 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes.
  • Chime: Hear when your water is ready. Turn it on or off and adjust the volume.
  • Altitude Setting: Prevent over-boiling by setting the altitude for your locations.
  • Temperature Units: Pick Fahrenheit or Celsius.
  • Pre-Boil: Boil to sanitize water before heating to your target temperature.
  • General: Choose your language. Go analog or digital. Turn WiFi on or off and receive firmware updates.

Whether you use our Hario pour over set or our AeroPress or AeroPress Go Travel Coffee Maker, or your own French press, you’ll need to heat the water that goes into it. The Stagg EKG Pro is our favorite way to prepare the water for your perfect cup.

Simplicity Is Hot, Too

For heating water with a kettle that has a long, gooseneck spot for controlled pouring, our Hario V60 Electric Drip Kettle is spot on when you need the hot on.

Like our classic stovetop version you can see in the Hario Outdoor Pour Over Set, the slim gooseneck spout on our electric kettle allows the user to pour with accuracy and control. This electric kettle is cordless, heats quickly, and features an auto-off function. Add some bling to your pourover setup that is both beautiful and smart!

Get Your Grind On

Different brewing methods require different grinds to ensure the correct extraction. To achieve the perfect size grinds, we have chosen a series of coffee grinders that match budgets and needs—but all using burr grinding to deliver the right size every time.

Let’s look at 3 different ones—just part of our selections on the Gear page—that will make your inner barista shout with joy.

Excellence That Fits Your Budget

Baratza Virtuoso+ 

It’s the tried and true, quality-driven grinder that most baristas have at home and even in their cafes! The Virtuoso+ delivers a clean, café-quality taste to your cup thanks to a high-performance conical burr set that produces uniform grind particles for balanced flavor notes.

Find the perfect grind size with 40 individual settings for any method you feel in the mood to brew, from espresso to French press. Easily control and replicate the perfect grind amount for your brew with the help of a digital screen and an intuitive interface.

The Virtuoso+ grinds fast, allowing you to keep an eye on the grinding action through the clear grounds bin. Controls come backlit with LEDs to allow easy reading in the light or the dark. The Virtuoso+ marries form and function for a stylish brewing tool that allows you to explore the vast range of flavor profiles. Fast forward your coffee journey with consistency and reliability while complementing your coffee setup.

Meeting in the Delicious Middle

Baratza Vario+ 

From your first sip of morning espresso to your last taste of your evening brew, the Vario+ is your multipurpose friend! 

Dialing in your perfect-size grind is easy with over 220 steps of adjustment. The durable metal grind chamber makes the Vario+ tough enough to last. Early mornings are easier with the easy-to-read backlit LCD display. 

The Vario+ features time-based dosing down to the tenth of a second. It even remembers up to three favorite dose presets, making it easier for you to get your brew and your day started. 

Your beans will deliver perfect cup quality because of the Vario+ super-durable flat 54mm ceramic burrs. We have even included the added benefit of an all-metal portafilter holder, if espresso is your thing. To complement your coffee setup, the Vario+ is available in black or white.

Top-of-the-Line for Coffee Time

Baratza Forté BG

This is the grinder your barista uses to make those pour-overs you enjoy at the café. 

Designed as a commercial solution to multi-offering pour-over bars, the Forte BG is a feature-forward, high-capacity, near-bulletproof grinder. If you have dreams of opening a coffee shop, the Forte BG can help make those dreams come true. For home use, you’ll be able to create large or small grind amounts for any occasion, or just for morning coffee.

The Forté BG has a small footprint, taking up the minimum in counter space at home or in the café. The multifunction touch screen helps you dial in your sturdy grind size adjustments. The high daily capacity—at 5lbs per day—and grind-by-weight functionality make the Forte BG the premier choice for a brew bar.

Automatic Brewing From Cooper’s Cask Coffee

If you prefer the ease and convenience of automatic drip coffee makers, we’ve got you covered with excellent choices for the perfect pot. Here are 3 examples of our premier automatic brewers.

Moccamaster KB

The Moccamaster KB automatic drip brewing system offers a familiar process in an elite package and superior quality level. 


e manual-adjust stop on the KB’s brew basket allows you to control the brewing speed or stop it entirely as it flows into the carafe. This brewer is a good option for those who like to be more hands-on with their coffee brewing process and don’t consistently brew a full carafe every day. 

All glass carafe brewers feature a hotplate with an independent heating element that holds your coffee at the perfect temperature, so that it doesn’t overcook quickly.

Moccamaster KBGT


Moccamaster KBGT

One of the issues with a pot of coffee that’s not consumed quickly is the time it sits on a heating plate. If left on too long, it can create an extremely bitter “burnt” taste as the heating plate continues cooking the coffee.

The Moccamaster KBGT automatic drip brewing system is ideal for coffee lovers who like to brew a full “pot.” Instead of the coffee dripping into a glass pot, the Moccamaster KBGT delivers your brew into an insulated carafe. The borosilicate glass lining of our stainless steel carafe retains heat and keeps your coffee hotter for longer.

Otherwise, it’s a straightforward process: add your coffee grounds and water, then flip the switch on. The brew basket automatically stops the flow of coffee when removing the carafe. 


Moccamaster CDT Grand

As beautiful as it is functional, the Moccamaster CDT Grand provides superior-quality coffee brewing for larger coffee amounts. The CDT Grand’s 60-ounce carafe capacity makes it perfect for small offices, cafés, and home entertaining. 

We use a flat-bottom brew basket to achieve this volume, and we recommend always brewing the full amount to achieve the best results. Our double-walled, stainless steel thermal carafe will keep coffee hot for up to an hour—or even longer with the included travel lid.


Simple Accessories for Excellent Coffee

Cooper’s Cask Coffee offers other accessories that will help you keep making great coffee.

  • Hario V60 Ceramic Dripper. Use your own carafe with this ceramic dripper. The V60’s conical shape allows for deeper layering of coffee grounds, and its spiral ridges and lack of flow restriction allow the user to pour the water quickly for a delicate body or slowly for a heavier flavor.
  • Escali Primo Digital Scale. This digital scale is economically priced and very easy to use with its two-button operation. Measure the just-right amount of coffee in ounces or grams, including the ability to subtract the container weight from the final weight.
  • Filters. Restock your pantry for continued coffee brewing joy with our V60 Paper Filters, or AeroPress Paper Microfilters

Cooper’s Cask Coffee Subscription FAQs

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Here’s a hot cup of delicious information, brewed just for you.

How does a Cooper’s subscription work?

When you pick coffees to order, you can click on the “Subscribe and save 10%” button. This opens up a drop-down that allows you to pick your frequency of delivery (every 2 weeks, 4 weeks, or 6 weeks). Your coffee is then fresh-roasted and shipped directly from our roaster to your door. 

Is it worth getting a coffee subscription from Cooper’s Cask Coffee?

Absolutely a subscription is worth it! Check out these savings:

  • 10% off single origin coffees.
  • 20% off barrel aged coffees.
  • Free shipping on orders over $50.
  • No driving to stores for more coffee.

Best of all—you won’t run out of coffee!

Will my subscription still earn me bonus points? 

Yes, your subscription purchases will earn you bonus points. Every purchase on our website earns you bonus points. When you reach 500 or more bonus points, you can get free stuff from Cooper’s Cask Coffee! Contact us if you would like specifics.

How do I figure out which coffee I’ll like for my subscription?

If you’re new to Cooper’s Cask Coffee, we totally get it—there are a lot of choices! That’s why we have a free online coffee finder tool that will help you figure out which delicious single origin coffee is right for you. 

How will I know my coffee subscription delivery  is fresh?

You’ll know your coffee is freshly roasted by the batch and roasting date that is hand-written on the bag. Our master roasters pay deep attention to details, using cutting-edge technology to achieve the best, most consistent roast. 

We roast each order’s batch just before bagging and shipping so that you will always get the freshest coffee possible. We don’t stockpile roasted beans, because their freshness starts to decline after about 7 to 10 days. Also, unlike some corporate coffee companies, we won’t over-roast our beans for a bitterness that hides long shelf times. 

How long do I have to have my Cooper’s Cask Coffee coffee subscription?

How does “as long as you want” tickle you? We know that some roasters like to have you commit to a minimum of 3 months—and for some coffee clubs, it’s even longer. 

We only want you to commit to enjoying your coffee! So there’s no minimum length for your subscription. Plus, you can pause it any time you want for any reason, or even cancel it. The only thing we’ll lock you into is a delicious cup of coffee.

Do I have to choose beans only?

The grind level is your choice on all our beans. You can pick how you want it during the ordering process, and then click the subscription button to have it delivered automatically at the frequency of your choosing. 

  • Want whole beans? Done
  • Want a coarse grind for cold brew or French press? You got it. 
  • Want a super-fine grind for espresso? Absolutely.

You can change the grind level anytime through your Cooper’s Cask Coffee account, so you can have your favorite coffee delivered ready for however you like to brew it—or how you like to grind it yourself.

Coffee Subscriptions Guaranteed to Please, Period

The best coffee we have is the one you enjoy the most. If you subscribe for a coffee that doesn’t work out the best for you, that’s no problem. Like any of our orders, you have 30 days to let us know you’d like to change it. We’ll replace the bag with a different coffee, or we’ll refund your money. That’s our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We’re confident you’ll find a Cooper’s Cask Coffee bean that you’ll absolutely love in your cup. So explore new flavors, try out different grind sizes and brewing styles. We’ll help however we can so that you can enjoy the journey along with the destination.

Subscribe and Imbibe for Gourmet Joy

Not to toot our own horn, but we’re pretty much full on Dizzy Gillespie with over 7000 4- and 5-star reviews on Amazon. The fact that we use single origin coffees provides authentic notes and flavors from around the world for true coffee lovers. Our barrel aged coffees intensify and heighten taste profiles for unique coffee experiences that delight just right. 

Our subscriptions deliver the freshest roasted beans, with the roaster’s hand-written roast date and coffee lot on every bag. Sure, we’re a small batch roaster—but our coffees make for big satisfaction.

Whether as a personal subscription, a gift subscription for Christmas or birthdays, or both, never run out of the best coffee in your cup.

Cooper’s Cask Coffee. Coffee the way it should be.