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Smooth Taste of Caramel With Touch of Cherry and Orange

Peruvian Cold Brew Coffee – Robust and Complex

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This medium roast provides an easy-going and flavorful experience that’s perfect as a hot or cold brew. Each cup offers a vibrant taste profile, which includes smooth caramel and hints of cherry and citrus, that will leave you wanting more.

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Cold Brew enthusiasts will love the smooth taste and dynamic flavor profile of our organic Peruvian single origin coffee beans. Using only the freshest beans imported from our distributors, you’ll notice the high quality and smooth taste from the first sip all the way until it’s time to order another bag.

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Quality In Every Bag

Peruvian coffee is famous for its great taste, in part because its emphasis on using organic growing techniques during production. Cooper’s Cask Coffee has emulated this commitment to quality by using only the freshest grade 1 single origin beans, which we roast to perfection using our signature small batch roasting process.

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10 Reviews

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Peruvian Cold Brew Coffee – Robust and Complex

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Pb - 08/14/2019

This is my second bag of cold brew coffee from Cooper's Cask Coffee. My first one was Guatemalan (coarse ground for cold brew) and it was wonderful! For my second bag (this one) I ordered the Peruvian (coarse ground for cold brew) and it was just as great as the first one. When you open the bag, the aroma is incredible!! Got the coffee filter thing filled, then pitcher & filtered water, and bam, already seeing results! I was actually looking forward to the next morning and it didn't disappoint. DELICIOUS!


Sadie G. - 04/23/2020

First time making cold brew coffee and I don't think I'll ever be able to go back to regular iced coffee... Delicious is an understatement! RI proud


Jaymie L. - 04/29/2020

When the weather gets hot here in Arizona I prefer cold brew over hot coffee. I belong to a couple different coffee subscriptions but the hot weather came sooner than thought and I needed a cold brew blend. I came across coopers. It’s taste and smells great. I like that it’s not to acidic and I can drink it without a sweetener. Yes it taste that good. I will be purchasing more the rest of the summer.


KC - 05/05/2020

Love it!


tofumac - 05/20/2020

Amazing. I could go on and on about this coffee. I won’t ruin it by trying to make it anything other that’s it is; damn good coffee. It speaks volumes for itself by just being. Cooper’s Peru coffee is something I will continue to purchase and enjoy. Amazing job guys. Thanks!


Mia V. - 05/22/2020

I am obsessed with coffee and cold brews. I normally have to add vanilla syrup in Starbucks cold brews to kill some of the bitterness but this brand has the perfect balance to drink it straight. I absolutely love it! I love the different varieties but the Peruvian blend is my favorite ❤️


Kevin - 06/11/2020

Waited until after I had made a second purchase to review this coffee just to make sure the consistency on point. I’m glad to say this coffee is spot on for your cold brews. I’ve brewed this with a metal filter and a with a cheese cloth. Even though it is a coarse grind, there will be a decent amount of sediment to seep through the metal filter.


Jay C. - 07/05/2020

Makes a good cold brew coffee. Smooth and taste delicious. I work outside all year so in the summer I don’t like drinking hot coffee and this cold brew hits the spot to start my day off


RJ - 08/18/2020

I don’t typically write reviews but I had to for this coffee- it’s the best cold brew! I’ve tried a variety of brands to brew at home and this will be a new staple in my home. Great coffee from an American business with exceptional customer service and a company that stands behind their product! John at Coopers Cask Coffee is very responsive to questions - thanks!


Kathryn W. - 01/06/2021

This cold brew is just that amazing! The flavors are so bold but not overwhelming or bitter. I was gifted an immersion cold brew pitcher and did not like my results with Starbucks coffee. When I read the reviews for this coffee, I knew I should at least give it a try. 18hrs of steeping later and I am enjoying an absolutely delicious drink! I paired it with Chobani Creamer in Sweet Cream flavor. The two items compliment each other well. I’m planning to set up a recurring order of these beans!!!