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  • Five Stars

    "5/5, Solid espresso grounds!"

    – Lorenzo Z.S.


    Dry Processed & Roasted in the U.S.A.




    Medium Dark Roast

    Brazil Medium Dark Roast Espresso

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  • Five Stars

    "I was so excited to see an espresso set! My Mom and Dad ask for this for every holiday."

    – Carl


    Roasted & Packed in the U.S.A.


    Brazil, Ethiopia, Kenya


    Light | Medium | Dark

Single Origin Espresso

Espresso Perfected

You didn’t think we’d forget about espresso lovers, did you? We love quality coffee in all forms, and that’s why we’ve carefully crafted and mastered espresso products uniquely profiled for espresso enthusiasts! Using single origin beans from Kenya, Brazil, and Ethiopia, we’ve spent thousands of hours tweaking and perfecting our process to bring out all of the best aromas and flavors.

Why Single Origin Espresso Coffee?

Everybody has their preferences. Some like a fresh pot of black coffee, some prefer single serve pods, and others enjoy little coffee with their order of sugar and whipped cream. Hey, we don’t judge and we’re certainly not snobs. If you know a coffee snob, however, their coffee of choice might come in the form of espresso.

We’re kidding, of course. Espresso isn’t just for Europeans or that one person you know who won’t shut up about the time they studied abroad. Millions of Americans love the intense flavors and aromas that espresso brings (not to mention its caffeine punch). Cooper’s Cask Coffee not only offers ground and whole single espresso coffee beans, but we’ve developed unique profiles that espresso enthusiasts will love.

Using the finest grade 1, Fair Trade single origin coffee beans from Brazil, Kenya, and Ethiopia, espresso lovers have multiple options to choose from. Our unique approach ensures that each bag of imported single origin coffee remains true to its source— emphasizing all of the distinct flavors that region has to offer.

Our master roasters then enhance and intensify those flavors using our small batch roasting process. Small batch roasting allows our team to have full control over the taste profile, so that we can tweak it to perfection.

For coffee drinkers looking for a bright, vibrant flavor profile with sweet lemon tart, raw honey, floral nectar undertones, we highly recommend checking our Ethiopian espresso beans. Those who prefer a medium roast with creamy, brown sugar, black cherry, sweet orange might enjoy our Brazilian espresso beans. If a heavier body with notes of sweet baked peaches is more up your alley, give our single origin Kenyan espresso a try.

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