Single Origin Sumatran Coffee

A Bold, Flavorful Way
to Start Your Day 

With the fertile, volcanic nature of its soil, Sumatran coffee beans are well known for their earthy tone and bold flavors. Cooper’s Cask Coffee’s single origin Sumatran coffee perfectly captures those flavors to create a full body drinking experience.

Using wet processed and sun dried grade 1 beans, our master roasters use small batches to create a smooth dark roast with a unique flavor profile—featuring undertones of dark chocolate, woody cedar, and dark stone fruits with just a hint of raw tobacco.

Why Single Origin Sumatra Coffee?

When you think of coffee growers throughout the world, Sumatra might not be the first area that comes to mind. However, with the unique yet tremendous taste provided by Sumatran coffee beans, maybe it’s time to change that.

The Northern region of Sumatra has produced coffee beans for centuries—with its high elevations and volcanic soil perfect for producing large quantities of organic beans. What makes Sumatran coffee beans particularly distinct, however, is the wet processing used while harvesting.

Because of the wet, humid climate of Northern Sumatra, growers can’t use a natural dry process with their coffee beans. Instead, they remove the coffee cherry and wash the beans before partially sun-drying them. What results is a coffee with a distinctly fuller body and lower acidity.

Imported from the Lintong region of Sumatra, Cooper’s Cask Coffee proudly offers single origin Sumatran coffee beans that capture the unique characteristics of the area. Rather than mixing and blending these grade 1 coffee beans—which causes them to lose their distinct flavor—we enhance their natural taste profile using small batch roasting.

This approach gives us full control of the taste profile and creates a bold, smooth, and flavorful coffee—which features rustic undertones of dark chocolate, woody cedar, and dark stone fruits with just a hint of raw tobacco. Even with its distinct taste, both coffee purists and first-timers will enjoy the fresh flavor and richness single origin Sumatra coffee has to offer.

Our goal at Cooper’s Cask Coffee is to always do what we can to ensure the best possible product for customers so that they can feel the same love for our coffee as we do. This means that we’re consistently cupping, tweaking, and testing our single origin Sumatran coffee to bring you the freshest, highest quality beans.

If you’re looking for a premium dark roast to help you kickstart your day, we highly recommend giving single origin Sumatra coffee a try. Cooper’s freshly roasts each bag to order, in order to provide maximum flavor, taste, and enjoyment when it arrives at your doorstep. Don’t believe us? Get your first order and notice the roasting date included on each and every bag!

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