Single Origin Ethiopian Coffee

A Mixture of
Bold & Vibrant

Perfect for coffee purists, our single origin, naturally processed, Ethiopian coffee combines a colorful flavor with lively aromas for a unique drinking experience. During the drying process the fruit peel pulp is left on the cherry as they dry. This process gives it a subtle citrus taste with raw floral honey and wild berry undertones when roasted at a light roast level.

Why Single Origin Ethiopian Coffee?

Ethiopia has provided some of the most well-known and beloved single origin coffee beans for hundreds of years. In fact, the country is currently the largest producer of coffee in all of Africa and the 5th largest globally, making Ethiopian coffee beans among the most widely enjoyed around the world.

What makes single origin Ethiopian coffee at Cooper’s Cask Coffee so special comes from our importing and roasting process. Any coffee bean producer can import their beans from another country; the issue is that most of them blend their imports together to create a mixed flavor profile. Unfortunately, this causes the coffee to lose the distinct complexities, subtleties, and flavor that are unique to the region, coop or farm it came from.

We believe in a different approach: one that emphasizes enjoying all of the unique flavors a region has to offer. That’s why coffee snobs, newbies, and agnostics enjoy the taste of our single origin Ethiopian coffee. Imported from the same region of the country using a unique dry process, you’ll notice this grade 1 coffee has an exciting aroma and an intense, colorful flavor profile that features lemon tart, raw honey, and floral nectar. Although these profiles change depending on the crop, generally, we see an amazing floral, fruity flavor profile.

Our process for freshly roasting every bag of single origin Ethiopian coffee to order ensures maximum flavor, taste, caffeine, and enjoyment when it arrives at your doorstep. Our goal at Cooper’s Cask Coffee is to always do what we can to ensure the best possible product for customers so that they can feel the same love for our coffee as we do. This means that we’re consistently cupping, tweaking, and testing our single origin Ethiopian coffee to bring you the freshest, highest quality beans.

For coffee drinkers looking for a bright, vibrant flavor profile with sweet citrus undertones, we highly recommend checking this one out. Or, if you’re not quite sure what might be the best match for you, we recommend using our product match tool to find the bag that best fits your tastes!