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coffee gifts

The Perfect Coffee Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Coffee Gifts

May 18, 2023

coffee and coffee makers against a black and beige background to show examples of coffee gifts

It’s that time. Birthday candles are needed, or a gifty holiday is happening, or a life event is being celebrated. Whatever makes that special someone the VIP, if they love coffee, you’re going to love Cooper’s Cask Coffee. We’ve got the perfect coffee gifts for coffee lovers!

We invite you to shop our coffees for gourmet experiences in every cup. Plus we have coffee brewing gear that can help your favorite java aficionado make brilliant coffee at home or on the go.

Finding Gifts for Coffee Purists

Does the person on your gift list love coffee? We mean, really love coffee? No, really

Think of it this way: you might have a friend who always has a pot of coffee available, or nearly available, at any moment. You come over for a visit, and what’s their first question?

“Would you like some coffee?” Yeah, we approve of that friend. 

Maybe it’s a coworker who still drinks coffee at 3:30PM. A parent or sibling who always has a cup in hand when you Facetime. These people all love coffee.

But are they a coffee purist? Do they use a scale to measure the coffee and the water? Do they make sure the water is at exactly the right temperature—hence, they don’t brew a pot for themselves using an off-the-shelf coffeemaker from a big box store? Will they gladly debate the filter composition for a pour-over?

And do they look at the office coffee machine like it’s an evil that must be endured as they drink from the designer thermos they brought from home? Welcome to Purist Land, population: them.

If they’re a coffee purist, you need to know so that your gift doesn’t make them grimace-grin and thank you like they just got socks in their stocking. 

Top 5 Signs A Person Is a Coffee Snob

Coffee purist, coffee connoisseur, coffee aficionado—the title doesn’t matter. It’s what they do to get their idea of a great brew:

  1. No Grocery Store Coffee. They want the freshest coffee possible from small-batch roasters.
  2. Single Origin Only. No blends, no mega-farms, just single origin coffee from one region, and small farms.
  3. Loves the Process. Coffee isn’t an addiction. It’s a sensuous, artful science from bean to sip. . 
  4. Patience. Willing to wait for the process to work its magic, like with pour over brewing.
  5. Snobby. Constantly uses words like oakey, mouth-feel, new-world, and more when drinking coffee out of a paper cup from the donut shop. 

OK, maybe not that last one, though we do have specific words and descriptors to help fully translate a taste experience into a verbal flavor profile. 

Coffee lovers will love our coffee. Coffee purists will love our experience. When it comes to giving coffee gifts to these friends, family, and colleagues—we got you, boo.

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Coffee Gifts for Employees

Did Steve celebrate his first full year being an asset on your staff? Does Erica deserve special recognition for her work on your project? Or maybe your whole team (including you) deserve much better coffee than that service swill where there’s not enough creamer in the world to hide the stale flavor?

For any or all of the above, Cooper’s Cask Coffee has corporate gifts for employees that show your appreciation on special days, or every day. For example, try our Single Origin Coffee Box Set. These sets of our most popular single origin coffees make great coffee gifts for staff and colleagues. 

This gourmet collection includes Grade 1 Beans that come from a single region in the specific country of origin. We don’t blend our coffee beans from different countries like the large corporate coffee companies do. That makes a generic flavor with no distinct characteristic. In other words—boring.

Instead, we only choose single origin beans so that the flavor profile exhibits each regions unique:

  • Soil influences, like how the soil grapes are grown in changes the wine flavor.
  • Climate influences, which dictates acidity levels and flavor.
  • Varietal flavor, for the distinct tasting notes from that specific coffee cherry.

4 Different Regions in the Single Origin Coffee Box Set

These specific box set coffee gifts include:

  • Sumatra. Earthy tone and bold flavors for a full body drinking experience.
  • Kenya. Tastes of baked peaches with a heavy syrupy body
  • Ethiopia. Subtle citrus taste with raw floral honey and wild berry undertones 
  • Rwanda. A colorful flavor with lively aromas 

Coffee Gifts for Clients

Have a long-time client who deserves an extra “thank you?” Maybe you’ve just started a new partnership and want to add some real style to that “Welcome Aboard” meeting. No matter the celebratory reason, our corporate coffee gifts for clients make a great impression—and a great cup of coffee!

All our coffees are single origin coffees, delivering the true, honest flavors of each region’s coffee varietals. Your coffee loving business connection will enjoy the distinct experience Cooper’s Cask Coffees offer. Our barrel aged coffee process takes “unique” to a new delicious level!

A popular choice for gift giving: Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee.

This delicious experience starts with coffee beans Imported from Colombia. We then age these grade 1 beans in empty Kentucky bourbon barrels for up to 60 days. Why? The barrel aging process infuses the beans with an intoxicating aroma and a vibrant taste profile before they’re roasted fresh and immediately shipped.

What comes through in every sip is a rustic sweetness including dark fruit notes, a hint of cocoa, and a smooth, authentic Kentucky bourbon finish.

Speaking of barrel aged gourmet coffee…

Coffee Gifts for Wine & Spirits Lovers

You’ve just met our Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee. That’s not the only choice you have for gift giving! Cooper’s Cask Coffee’s barrel aged coffee selection infuses beans with several surprising wine and spirit choices. 

We pair our single origin coffee specifically with the barrel type, matching the bean flavor profile with the flavors imparted by the wine or spirit barrels for a curated final experience. 

We’re always cupping our new bean batches, putting them through multiple roasting levels, and taste-testing each to make sure the roast consistently brings out the best flavors. This way every bag you get carries the taste you love. That consistency extends to our barrel aged coffees. Find the flavors you love, and know that we’ll be on guard making sure the best of the best reaches your cup.

Coffee snobs? Yeah, we’re guilty as charged.

A nice portrait of Cooper's Craft Coffee's barrel aged coffee lineup

Our Barrel Aged Coffee Gifts

Here’s a quick tour of our current choices. We’re always playing with something, so check back for new choices!

Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee

Made from our single origin Ethiopia coffee beans, Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee gets a medium roast to deliver a bright, lively taste profile. You’ll enjoy a mix of complex flavors—including peaches, strawberries, raw red honey, and a touch of dutch chocolate.

Malt Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee

Our American malt whiskey barrel aged coffee features taste notes of tropical fruit, woody earth and mild sweet tobacco. We’ve paired the Sumatra coffee beans to perfectly complement the sweet taste of vanilla and caramel provided by these charred oak barrels.

Rum Barrel Aged Coffee

We’ve taken the natural flavor from grade 1 single origin Rwanda coffee beans, and let them spend quality time aging in used Thomas Tew Rum Barrels. After roasting, your rum barrel aged brew will reflect that sweet taste with a hint of spiciness.

Cabernet Barrel Aged Coffee

It starts with grade 1 Costa Rica beans for an amazing blend of complementary flavors. After aging these beans in retired cabernet wine barrels, our Cooper’s Cask Coffee master roasters deliver a sweet, dark fruit flavor with complex undertones in each cup.

Pinot Noir Barrel Aged Coffee

Our signature process ages single origin Rwanda coffee beans inside emptied Pinot Noir barrels for up to 60 days. This honeyed process method imparts sweet flavor and complexities, and the roasting reveals dried figs, caramelized sugar, and crème brulee.

Chardonnay Barrel Aged Coffee

The flavors of chardonnay wine have been matched with amazing Kenya single origin coffee beans. The roasting process brings out a subtle tartness of green apples and green grape skins, for a full body coffee that finishes slightly sweet with notes of honeysuckle nectar.

Thinking in the Box With Coffee Box Sets

Our Cooper’s Cask Coffee box sets let you send a sampling of our most popular coffees to your coffee lover for different cups of pleasure.

Barrel Aged Coffee Box Set

The Barrel Aged Coffee Box Set contains a sampling of our 4 spirit barrel aged coffees that you can send as whole bean or pre-ground. The set includes:

Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee

Malt Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee

Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee

Rum Barrel Aged Coffee

Barrel Aged Coffee Box Set with Mug

The Barrel Aged Coffee Box Set comes with a Cooper’s Cask Coffee mug and 3 of our barrel aged coffees, including:

Rum Barrel Aged Coffee

Malt Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee

Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee

Single Origin Coffee Box Set

The Cooper’s Single Origin Coffee Box Set brings you a 4-part selection of favorite single origin coffees. They include:

Organic Sumatra Dark Roast Coffee

Kenya AA Medium Dark Roast Coffee

Ethiopia Bold Light Roast Coffee

Rwanda Medium Roast Coffee

Wine Barrel Aged Box Set 

The Wine Barrel Aged Box Set includes a sampling of our 3 wine barrel aged coffees, including:

Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Barrel Aged Coffee

Pinot Noir Wine Barrel Aged Coffee

Chardonnay Wine Barrel Aged Coffee

Espresso Coffee Box Set

For our Espresso Coffee Box Set, we coffee snobs have put together our 3 favorite coffees—all cupped and tested—that are uniquely profiled specifically for espresso lovers. They’ll start pulling their favorite shots from coffees including:

Brazil Medium Dark Roast Espresso

Ethiopia Bold Light Roast Coffee

Kenya AA Medium Dark Roast Coffee

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Best Gifts for Making Coffee

You coffee purist will love receiving our gourmet coffee. But what about making the coffee? Have you heard them give a wistful sigh when they mention wanting to make espresso at home? Or maybe they had pour over at a company brunch and wouldn’t’ stop talking about it the rest of the day?

Cooper’s Cask Coffee not only has the coffee choices they want, we’ve got the coffee gear to take the experience all the way from first opening the bag to the last sip in the cup. Check out our gear selection for single selections and entire sets. Here are just a few examples of the coffee gifts that will keep on giving.

moccamaster cup-one coffeemaker on a kitchen counter as an example of 1 of our coffee gifts.

Mocca Master Cup-One

Enjoy that single morning cup with any coffee you like, with the Mocca Master Cup-One brewing system. 

Rather than using a pod machine and being forced to use whatever selections they have for it, the Mocca Master Cup-One allows you to use your coffee to make that Goldilocks 10 ounce mug of coffee anytime you want it. 

This single-serve brewer provides a sustainable choice. Instead of plastic pods, it comes with 3 boxes of #1 filters, enough for 240 cups. You can order filters whenever you need them through our site. 

What will surprise your coffee connoisseur is that the copper boiling element quickly heats water to 196°F to 205°F, the prime coffee brewing temperature range for a manual pour-over style extraction process. Our Mocca Master Cup-One makes your choice for a not-too-much and not-too-little cup of joe.

Note: you should also check out our other Mocca Master choices, for sharing the joy of a delicious pot of joe.

mizadushi coffeemaker set against a tan or brown backdrop as example of one of our great coffee gifts

Mizudashi Coffee Maker

It’s cold brew, brah! The Mizudashi Coffee Maker simplifies making cold brewed coffee at home. Your coffee purist just adds the ground coffee of their choice to the fine mesh basket, then adds room temperature water into the glass carafe. They put it in the refrigerator to brew, and the next morning—yum!

The Mizudashi Coffee Maker removable filter makes cleaning easy, and requires no further purchases of new disposable filters.

Oh yeah, that drive to work in the summer just got a lot cooler. Literally. You might want to check out our coffee drink recipes too, for extra cold brew pleasures.

picture of an isolated baratza encore coffee grinder against white backdrop as example of coffee gifts you can give

Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder

Zorro could spell “Z” on anything with his blade. If you purchase a blade grinder, your coffee purist will spell “N O” with it. 

The main problem with blade grinders is that they cut and chop the coffee beans. That process produces uneven grind sizes all in one serving. Your extraction rates for your brewing process will work correctly on some of the grind, under extracting the larger chunks, and over extracting the finer ones. You’ll still get drinkable coffee (usually), but it won’t be the best tasting coffee.

Coffee purist, remember?

That’s why we offer the Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder. This burr grinder crushes the coffee beans to custom-set grinds for the most accurate, tastiest brewing.

The Encore’s straightforward controls make the whole grinding process simple and easy, and it gives you the choices you need for the right brew method. 

  • 40 Grind Settings. Want some French press? You got it. Aeropress? You bet. Automatic Brewer? Yes. Chemex? You’re seriously still asking? Yes! And more grind levels. 
  • Grounds Bin Fill Lines. Don’t make too much or too little. The simple grounds bin has lines indicating the number of cups. You decide how much you want!
  • Easy On/Off. Switch it on, let the grinds fill to the level you want, then switch it off. Yeah, it’s that easy.

The grind setting Load up the hopper with your favorite beans, turn the hopper to the grind setting you want, switch the Baratza Encore on and let the precision conical burrs deliver consistent, quality ground coffee every time. Plus the Baratza Encore fits nicely under most kitchen cabinets without sacrificing power. 

Overview of our Hario Outdoor Set

Hario Outdoor Pour Over Set

You know what makes the great outdoors even greater? A hot, steaming cup of amazing coffee goodness. Just because your coffee purist treks out into the boonies or hikes the local trails, it doesn’t mean they can’t take their beloved pour over with them!

The V60 series Hario Outdoor Pour Over Set is a coffee brewing set that allows you to enjoy authentic coffee outdoors. Camping just became waaaay cooler. With most components made of stainless steel, this pour over set is rugged enough to use over open flame while brewing delicious coffee.

  • Metal Drip Kettle. Designed specifically to support the dripping process, and tough enough to handle harsh heating sources.
  • Metal Coffee Server. Holds the coffee, and can be used to reheat it. Makes great tea, too!
  • Metal Dripper. Make 1 to 4 cups of coffee. Plus the grip can hook onto your backpack!
  • Metal Coffee Mill. This hand-operated burr grinder reduces your coffee beans to the perfect grind for your pour over.
  • Metal Stacking Mug. You get 2 of these sturdy matching mugs, because the only thing better than drinking your pour over—is sharing it with someone who loves it too.
  • Storage/Carrying Bag. This soft-sided coffee bag has specially designed compartments to hold all your Hario V60 equipment, plus filters and even storage space for your bag of Cooper’s Cask Coffee and other extras—such as the scale to measure the coffee and water.

There’s Even More Gear They’ll Hold Dear

That’s just a sampling of the seriously sweet stuff you can find for the coffee lovers on your list. Check out our gear, and if you have any questions, contact us! We’d love to help.

Match the Coffee to the Coffee Lover

You may not be sure which coffee they’ll like the most. Take what you know, and use our Coffee Finder Tool to walk through preferences and really drill down to the just-right coffee gift for your coffee lover. Some of the questions you’ll get:

  • Regular or barrel aged coffee (or both!)?
  • Caffeine?
  • How do they like to drink it (french press, drip, espresso, or just send them the beans)?
  • Do they like it light or dark?
  • And just a few other questions.

Once you’re done, one click and voila! You’ll get a qualified suggestion or set of suggestions that are your best bet for making their best cup.

Our Coffee Finder Tool was created by the coffee snobs here as a free online method of searching for the right coffee experience. Our curated questions and suggestions come from people who take their coffee seriously. Enjoy using it. You might just find your own new favorite!

The Coffee Gift That Keeps Giving

Is your coffee lover ready to enjoy the freshest gourmet single origin coffee possible, all year round? Buy them a Cooper’s Cask Coffee Subscription

Cooper’s Cask Coffee offers the best coffee subscription plans available for any of our single origin and barrel aged products. Your gift will last as long as you both want, with the highest quality beans delivered right to the coffee lover’s doorstep.

Whether you’re looking for just a single bag or an entire box set, we’ve got you covered. We offer subscriptions in the quantity and frequency that works best for their lifestyle. Imagine dad’s face when he gets his next delivery of fresh Cooper’s Cask Coffee. Or your best client sends you an email just to say how much they’re still enjoying you thank-you for their business.

Let Them Choose Their Own Coffee Gifts

There may come a point where you give up, right? It ends up you have no way of knowing your coffee lover’s preferences. And with so many delicious choices at Cooper’s Cask Coffee…nope. You just can’t choose.

So don’t.

Instead, send a Cooper’s Cask Coffee Gift Card. You can pick the amount – 10, 25, 50, or 100 dollars. Gift cards are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout. 

Our gift cards have no additional processing fees. Order it, add the address, and look at you: gift giving done! Time for that coffee martini and a pat on your own back.

Coffee Gifts Guaranteed to Please—and We Mean That 100%

Everyone has their own palate, and the best coffee is the one they enjoy the most. So when you try out new things (look at you being all adventurous!), sometimes it doesn’t work out. It happens.

If you come across a Cooper’s Cask Coffee bag that doesn’t completely tickle your tastebud’s fancy within the first 30 days of getting it, let us know. We’ll replace the bag with a different coffee, or we’ll refund your money. That’s our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

It’s not just that we’re confident you’ll find a Cooper’s Cask Coffee taste that you’ll absolutely love in your cup. We’ve been where you are, exploring new flavors, trying out new brewing styles. And we want to help you enjoy that awesome journey any way we can. Guaranteed.

Freshness Worthy of a Coffee Purist

Whether you gift out our whole bean or ground coffee, the freshness is the same as soon as the beans leave the roaster.

 We don’t even begin our master roasting process until an order is placed. That’s why small batch roasting delivers the freshest roast possible. Our head roasters even hand-write the roast date on the bag, along with the lot number. Your coffee snob will like to know just how fresh their new experience will be. 

It’s Not Just Good, It’s Cooper’s

We have over 7000 4 and 5 star reviews on Amazon for our products. And if you order from the website, the coffee arrives even fresher! Plus we have the coolest coffee gear for brewing, drinking, grinding, and enjoying your next cup. 

Small batch, big satisfaction.That’s Cooper’s Cask Coffee

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