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bridal party gifts

Something Borrowed, Something Brewed: Coffee Bridal Party Gifts

Bridal Party Gifts

May 28, 2023

wedding rings on a board above coffee beans in shape of heart to hint at great coffee bridal party gifts

At Cooper’s Cask Coffee, we’ve heard wedding planning can be so fun! There are tons of details that must be finalized, caterers to contract, the location to lock down, the guest list, the bridesmaids dress colors, Cousin Steve is allergic to orchids, Aunt DeDe wants to wear live bees in her hat…on second thought, it sounds like it could really stress you out!

That’s when a good cup of coffee can help you relax for a moment, before diving back into the plans.

Did that light bulb just go off above your head? You love coffee. So many of your guests love coffee. The others love coffee-ish treats (plenty of cream and sugar). And for the thank-you bags—coffee! 

Cooper’s Coffee for Wedding Bliss

Welcome to the perfect bridal party gifts. Coffee makes people happy, can be enjoyed hot or cold, and makes ah-mah-zing cocktails for before, during, or after the wedding.

Cooper’s Cask Coffee is ready to help you with this detail. We have crowd pleasing, unique, gourmet coffees in gift sizes, and we can even custom-print some labels for large parties. Let’s look at our most popular choices for bridal party gifts.

Weddings and Wine Go Together

Our wine barrel aged coffees are a huge hit with the bridal party. We have 3 different experiences you can share with your family, your bridesmaids, and maybe just on your own as you think about the joy to come.

The Toast of the Roast

The world’s most popular red wine—according to pretty much every oenophile website out there—is Cabernet. There’s nothing relaxing with a good cab, good music, and good friends.

The delight of a good cabernet wasn’t lost on us! Our Cabernet Barrel Aged Coffee goes through our signature barrel aging process, where we store these beans inside an emptied Cabernet barrel for up to 60 days. 

This aging allows the grade 1 Costa Rica beans to absorb the essential essence of the spirit—while the rich oak barrel creates an intensifying profile that comes to life when freshly roasted in small batches.

Cooper’s Cask Coffee’s honeyed process method imparts sweet flavor and complexities into this single origin coffee. They are then roasted to the perfect level, revealing complex undertones of dark fruited notes and chocolate in each cup.

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Light Bodied for Delicious Taste

Pinot Noir is known for the red fruit, flower, spice notes it adds to a glass. For our Pinot Noir Barrel Aged Coffee, we start with our Rwanda single origin coffee, known for both its sweet taste and silky body.

Our signature process ages the Rwanda beans inside emptied Pinot Noir barrels for up to 60 days. This honeyed process method imparts sweet flavor and complexities, and the roasting reveals dried figs, caramelized sugar, and crème brulee.

A Flexible Wine for Coffee Time

Chardonnays can offer surprises that delight. So for our “white wine” selection, it seemed like the perfect choice to create the Chardonnay Wine Barrel Aged Coffee

The flavors of chardonnay wine have been matched with amazing Kenya single origin coffee beans. The Kenya beans deliver a full-bodied, bright coffee with tastes of baked peaches and a heavy syrupy body.

The roasting process brings out a subtle tartness of green apples and green grape skins, for a slightly sweet cup with notes of honeysuckle nectar.

Wine Barrel Aged Coffee in Bridal Party Gift Sizes

Our gift boxes offer tastes of our coffees in 4 ounce packages. These make terrific gift bag stuffers. If your party is large enough, we can even give them custom labels for fully themed, fun ways to pep up that party bag. Just contact us, and we can help customize your order.

Bridal Party Gifts for the Bride—and the Groom

If the bride and groom love their coffee, they’ll love being able to make their favorite brew on-the-go. Maybe even on their honeymoon! We’ve got great gift ideas beyond the bean, too.

travel version of aeropress coffee maker

AeroPress Go Travel Coffee Maker

This coffee maker is perfect for the happy couple who share an active lifestyle. The AeroPress Go Travel Coffee Maker gives coffee lovers everything they need to brew superb American, espresso, and cold brew style coffee anywhere. 

Forget the hotel coffee, they’ll be able to enjoy a fresh, delicious mug every morning or evening or whenever they want it. The compact design includes a mug and lid that doubles as a traveling case. It’s quick to clean and pack up, too, so their adventure together can continue.

hario pour over travel set

Hario Outdoor Pour Over Set

For a romantic picnic or maybe a morning trek in their mountain paradise, our Hario Outdoor Pour Over Set means they can enjoy a hot, steaming cup of amazing pour over coffee wherever they are.

The V60 series “Hario Outdoor” has components made of stainless steel, which means it’s rugged enough to face lots of use, for lots of years to come. The happy couple will get:

  • Metal Drip Kettle. Designed specifically to support the dripping process, and tough enough to handle harsh heating sources.
  • Metal Coffee Server. Holds the coffee, and can be used to reheat it. Makes great tea, too!
  • Metal Dripper. Make 1 to 4 cups of coffee.
  • Metal Coffee Mill. A hand-operated burr grinder that can be adjusted for the perfect grind size.
  • Metal Stacking Mugs. You get 2 sturdy matching mugs to toast to each other.
  • Storage/Carrying Bag. This soft-sided coffee bag has specially designed compartments to hold all your Hario V60 equipment, plus filters and even storage space for your bag of Cooper’s Cask Coffee and other extras—like the chocolates you got from the hotel!

For bridal party gifts, the V60 means active fun.

mizudashi coffee maker

Mizudashi Coffee Maker

For those great days on the beach, in the sun, there’s nothing like a cup of cold brew. If one of the bridal party gifts is the Mizudashi Coffee Maker, it makes sure you have a cold cup of delicious coffee ready to go wherever you’re headed.

You just add the ground coffee of your choice to the fine mesh basket. Cooper’s Cask Coffee offers several cold brew choices that make an excellent cup. Next you add room temperature water into the glass carafe and put it in the refrigerator to brew. When you get up the next morning, fill your travel cup with cold joy, and head off for a great day. ,

Don’t worry too much about cleaning it. The Mizudashi Coffee Maker removable filter makes cleanup simple. Come evening time when you’re ready for a night out—or a night in—just imagine the coffee cocktails you can make! 

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barrel aged coffee bags and tox

More Barrel Aged Choices

Cooper’s Cask Coffee’s wine barrel aged choices are terrific for bridal party gifts. They’re not the only barrel aged choices, though! If you like stronger spirits, try one of these out for a great taste experience.

Coffee Keeps the Party Going

Coffee is great for the wedding guests to enjoy before the festivities, as a great alternative beverage at the reception, and to take along wherever the road leads. It keeps the party going, and it can come in pretty handy for all involved on the next morning, too.

Bridal Party Gifts Guaranteed to Make You Happy

When it’s Cooper’s Cask Coffee, it’s a gourmet coffee experience that elevates every cup. We also guarantee you’ll be happy with your coffee! Cooper’s 100% money back guarantee means if you’re not 100% happy with your coffee choice, simply ask for a refund or to try another of our coffee choices at no charge (shipping included!).

Cups Up to the Happy Couple!

Our staff will help in every way possible to make sure your coffee bridal party gifts work magic with your happy occasion! The goal of Cooper’s Cask Coffee is to provide you with the world’s best single origin coffee beans from around the globe, roasted to perfection. 

From our Single Origin Coffee to our Barrel Aged Coffee, your cup and our coffee always make a perfect pair.

Cooper’s Cask Coffee. Small batch, big satisfaction.

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