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The Process for Making Bourbon-Flavored Coffee

Gourmet Coffee

February 15, 2024

a snifter of bourbon-flavored coffee on a dark wood surface with coffee beans around it to represent bourbon infused coffee

People tend to underestimate coffee. For many, it’s an afterthought. While it may be an important part of your morning routine, how much thought do you really give to your coffee? 

Waking up and brewing a burnt mug of black coffee may be sufficient, but you shouldn’t be happy with the bare minimum.

Coffee is a drink that lots of Americans consume every single day—and some of us have more than one cup! Don’t settle for a beverage that you merely tolerate.

You want a drink that excites you, that pushes you to enjoy that second (or third) cup. At Cooper’s Cask Coffee, we have that drink: bourbon-flavored coffee.

Cooper’s Cask Coffee

We’re a little different from other coffee companies. We didn’t start out in a big office building or a bustling factory; we formed our business in a simple garage. It all began with a question: How can we make coffee better?

Now, don’t get us wrong, we absolutely love coffee. It’s one of our favorite things in the world. But nothing is perfect, and our coffee definitely wasn’t. The major store brands were gritty and low quality.

The other small, boutique coffee roasters charged exorbitant prices. And we certainly didn’t want to wait in line for coffee at a large chain before work every morning. So, we decided to make the perfect coffee ourselves.

The Bourbon Solution

The idea for adding a bourbon flavor to our coffee came straight from the top, from our founder, John Speights. John’s a big fan of bourbon, and when he heard about tea companies infusing their tea bags in old wine barrels, he had an idea.

We certainly didn’t invent the idea of combining spirits with coffee. But we’re not simply pouring a shot of whiskey into our coffee and calling it a day.

We wanted to bake the taste of a quality bourbon into the coffee beans itself, that way our customers would be guaranteed to taste that same, distinct bourbon flavor every single time.

The Right Beans

No matter what your brewing method may be, you can’t have a delicious cup of coffee without the right beans. The beans are the building blocks of a delicious mocha, espresso, drip, or whichever way you prefer your coffee.

You can’t mask the taste of low-quality beans with all the bourbon in the world. Fortunately, we’re not trying to hide a thing. We source our beans internationally, from countries all over the globe.

Our beans travel thousands of miles to reach your coffee pot, from locations like Brazil, Kenya, Tanzania, and many, many more. A country’s geography may have a pronounced effect on the flavor of our bourbon coffee, so feel free to try multiple varieties to learn what you prefer.

A place where we source our bourbon-flavored coffee

These beans are brought in from some of the coffee capitals of the world. We were sure to try lots of different beans before we settled on the ones we use today.

At Cooper’s, we never take shortcuts that may impact the flavor and quality of the coffee. You should taste the difference in our coffee.

A Pronounced Taste

Now that you know more about where we source our beans from, you’re probably wondering how we add the bourbon flavor to our coffee. Some customers assume we add flavoring or syrups to the beans, but this isn’t the case.

We didn’t want to fill your coffee with unsavory chemicals and ingredients you can’t pronounce. We wanted to infuse our coffee beans with real bourbon, so you could taste the difference for yourself.

This process begins with a bourbon barrel. Now, the bourbon barrel isn’t filled with liquor anymore, but its wood has still been infused with the taste. So, we put our coffee beans inside and let our beans soak up the bourbon flavor.

A New Age

The first step in our process for creating bourbon-flavored coffee is to wait. It may not be the most exciting part of our job, but it might be the easiest.

Then again, depending on how you look at it, it may just be the hardest, because it’s really difficult to wait even a second for these bourbon coffee beans.

At the minimum, we age our beans in these sealed, airtight barrels for 45 days. This really gives the beans a chance to develop that bourbon taste. But sometimes, the beans aren’t ready after 45 days. That’s just okay with us. We’ve kept beans in longer, for as long as 60 days!

An Even Roast

A vital part of our method for creating bourbon-flavored coffee is the roasting process. This is not a process to be ignored or rushed through. Roasting coffee beans correctly is absolutely essential for a cup of high-quality coffee.

Fortunately, the process is easier than ever thanks to the American-made Loring Smart Roaster. This roaster is highly customizable, so we can easily control how long and how intensely we roast the beans.

This roaster also has features to remove chaff from the beans and eliminate any contaminants. So not only is our coffee all-natural, it’s also free of any environmental emissions.

Different Options

You may be salivating at the idea of trying your own bourbon-flavored coffee, and if that’s the case, we’re absolutely flattered. But maybe you hate bourbon! And if that’s the case, then we’d like to offer you an alternative.

We don’t just sell bourbon-flavored coffee; we’ve infused our beans with spirits of all kinds. Do you find yourself relaxing with a big glass of pinot noir at the end of the day? Fantastic, because we have wine-flavored coffee beans.

The kind of natural ingredients we use for our bourbon-flavored coffee

We also have varieties flavored with rum, malt whiskey, and rye whiskey! You don’t ever have to settle when you buy from Cooper’s Cask Coffee.

Back to the Grind

We highly recommend that you grind your own bourbon-flavored coffee beans when you buy from Cooper’s Coffee. We have spent a lot of time aging these beans to perfection, and if we were to grind them before we sent them your way, they would lose a lot of flavor.

We don’t want that! Grind the beans just before you brew a cup of coffee, and you’ll be shocked at how much flavor these little beans can hold.

Coffee Finder

You may be thinking, “With all of these options for coffee, which one do I choose?” We’ve all suffered from a little choice paralysis, especially when the options are this delicious.

We often hear customers complain that they had no idea which of our many barrel-aged options to pick, so we decided to make it easier. Take a look at our coffee finder tool. This is a little questionnaire we developed that allows you to get a personal coffee recommendation within minutes.

All you’ll need to do is answer a few questions about your coffee preferences, and we’ll let you know which of our coffees we think you’ll love.

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