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Enjoy Coffee Quick With a High Quality Coffee Pod

Gourmet Coffee

January 29, 2024

The beans that make high quality coffee pod

There’s no sugarcoating it. You want your coffee quick. When you get your day started and you’re struggling to stay awake at your desk, the last thing you want is to wait half an hour for your pot of coffee to finish brewing.

Of course, you could stop by a coffee shop, but even the smallest cups of coffee can be astronomically expensive at a franchise store.

In this day and age, we’re used to getting the things we want when we want them, and coffee should be no exception. But is there really a way to get the quality coffee you deserve without throwing away your whole paycheck? Yes! And the solution comes in the form of a high quality coffee pod from Cooper’s Cask Coffee.

A High Quality Coffee Pod

The coffee pod is a relatively modern invention. Even if you don’t own a machine capable of using them, you’re no doubt aware of what they are: a small plastic pod filled with ground coffee that can be prepared in a matter of seconds. The coffee pod is the perfect way to get your coffee fix in a world that is always on the go.

As a result, it should be no surprise that coffee pods are as popular as they are. In 2024, the coffee pod and capsule market has amassed a whopping 28.65 billion dollars. It seems like everyone is using coffee pods these days. As a result, it only seemed appropriate that our team at Cooper’s Cask Coffee jumped in the ring as well.

We wanted to offer coffee pods that immediately indicated quality and care. We don’t take shortcuts when we brew our coffee, so we couldn’t take short cuts with our coffee pods either. But what makes Cooper’s Coffee different?

Cooper’s Cask Coffee

Before we get into more about our high quality coffee pods, let’s talk a little bit more about our coffee itself. We started Cooper’s Cask Coffee because we care about quality coffee. We don’t see coffee as a means to an end—we see it as a chance to truly transform your mornings (or evenings; we don’t judge).

We felt that too many people were neglecting their coffee, and therefore themselves. Most of us drink coffee every day, so why do we buy coffee that we’re not excited about? Coffee should be a journey that you go on every morning, and that journey starts with our process.

A Little Something Extra

So what sets our coffee apart from the rest? Well, it’s not just our specialized air roasting process and our commitment to high quality beans. The Cooper’s advantage comes from a little bit of bourbon.

Don’t worry—it’s not what you think! We marinate our coffee beans in old bourbon barrels, so they can soak up that distinct flavor. Not a fan of bourbon?

That’s okay, too. We have coffee beans that have rested in wine, rye, and single-malt whiskey barrels as well. Cooper’s Cask Coffee is different because it’s made different, and that original taste shines through in our coffee pods. 

Coffee for Everyone

After hearing about how much we value a gourmet cup of coffee, some people may be surprised to learn that we offer coffee pods. They mistakenly assume that coffee pods are a “lesser” way to drink coffee, but we disagree. We may be coffee heads, but we don’t discriminate against anyone’s personal preferences. That’s why we offer such a variety of flavors and styles. 

Everyone has a right to get excited about their coffee, and everyone’s tastes are a little different. So we do what we can to offer coffee that everyone can enjoy. Besides, we don’t just offer coffee pods. We offer bourbon barrel high quality coffee pods. And that process is what makes these pods different. 

Variety Packs

In the spirit of catering to all preferences and tastes, we offer variety packs for our high quality coffee pods. We have 12 count packs and 24 count packs, so whether you’re incredibly excited about trying our coffee pods or still a little unsure, we have choices for you. Now, let’s take a deeper look into the flavors offered in our variety pack.

Rye Coffee – Looking for something with a noticeable whiskey taste? Rye, with its pronounced and distinct flavor, is perfect for those who want to taste a little something extra in their coffee. The strong, pleasantly bitter flavor of the rye works perfectly with our bold and rich coffee. 

Bourbon Coffee – Our bourbon coffee pods are the right choice for anyone hoping for a sweet treat in the morning. While not overpowering, the Bourbon pod does have notes of dark fruit and cocoa. You’ll taste a complicated blend of coffee, bourbon, and sweetness.

Rum Coffee – Our rum pods are bright and fruity. It should be no surprise that rum is the signature liquor found in the most famous tropical cocktails, and it pairs well with notes of honey, peach, and strawberry, all of which can be found in our coffee.

Single-Malt Coffee – Lastly, our single-malt whiskey pairs best with consumers looking for a more earthy flavor, with its notes of tobacco and wood. But you may also taste some sweeter flavors, like vanilla or caramel.

Other Options

Our high quality coffee pods are excellent for those who want a quick cup of coffee in the morning, but rest assured, that’s not all we offer. If you’re looking for a different single-serve option, we have a variety of coffees perfect for an espresso.

An alternative to our high quality coffee pod

We also have whole beans for the coffee lovers that like to grind their own beans. We recommend it! You may be surprised just how much flavor you can unlock by grinding your own coffee beans.

And if you were hoping to sell our beans for yourself in your own store, then we have wholesale forms available too. So whatever type of coffee you’re looking for, we have the right choice for you.

A Coffee Resource

At Cooper’s Cask Coffee, we want to be more than just your go-to coffee seller. If you’ve ever enjoyed a cup of our coffee, then you should know just how much effort we put into making every sip great.

We’ve put countless hours into understanding how we can elevate coffee brewing. So you can trust us when we say there are things that every consumer can do to make the coffee-drinking experience better.

If you’re interested in hearing more coffee tips, tricks, and recommendations, take a look at our coffee blog. It’s a resource specifically designed to pass on our knowledge to curious customers like you. Give it a look today.

Find the Right Cup for You

Now that you’ve learned more about our high quality coffee pod options, you may be wondering how you can find the right coffee for you. It can be difficult to predict what flavor of coffee you’ll best resonate with, so we wanted to make the process as easy as possible.

We developed a customized coffee finder tool. All you have to do is answer a few questions about what you want in a cup of coffee, and we’ll send you a personalized recommendation. The process is quick and fun, so there’s no reason to wait. Try it today!


Coffee Finder