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Why You Should Switch to Single-Serve Whiskey Coffee

Gourmet Coffee

January 29, 2024

A picture of single-serve whiskey coffee

Ask many Americans, and they’ll agree: coffee is a necessity in the morning. It’s difficult to roll out of bed on the best of days, but that task seems downright impossible without a cup of fresh, steaming coffee waiting for you.

And if you find that you’re a part of that group—that you can’t get your day started without a cup of joe—you’re not alone. In fact, almost three-quarters of Americans drink coffee every single day.

But what if you don’t want an entire pot of coffee for yourself? Not everyone has the self-restraint required to throw away any leftover coffee. And to make matters worse, it’s wasteful!

If you make the effort to buy high-quality coffee, you won’t want to waste a single bean. So what are your options? Consider making the switch to single-serve coffee. And at Cooper’s Cask Coffee, we’ve made it easier than ever to buy single-serve whiskey coffee. Whether you love to drink coffee made with pods or homemade espresso, you’ll be glad you went with Cooper’s.

The Keurig Craze

Convenience is key. People want gratification faster than ever, and coffee is no exception. In recent years, single-serve coffee has become a major part of the coffee industry. Most people aren’t interested in the lengthy grinding and brewing process. They want coffee, and they want it as soon as possible.

One of the most popular choices for single-serve coffee is the Keurig machine. You may have a Keurig machine, and if you don’t, you probably know someone who does. Approximately 33 million American families have a Keurig machine. This statistic shows just how much of a grip this brand has on the coffee industry.

At Cooper’s Coffee, we want to cater to your needs. As much as we love grinding our own coffee beans (and we recommend that you try it yourself), we understand that not everyone has that kind of time in the morning.

For those of our customers who like to sleep in as late as they possibly can, only to fly out of bed at the last second, we have coffee options available for you. 

And of course, not everyone wants to brew an entire pot of coffee in the morning. Is your New Year’s’ resolution to drink less coffee? Then take a look at our single-serve whiskey coffee options.

Cooper’s Cask Coffee

Cooper’s Cask Coffee is coffee made differently. Lots of companies only choose to sell coffee because they think it’s a surefire way to make a quick buck. But we got into the coffee business thanks to our passion for the craft.

The team works on the production of single-serve whiskey coffee

We love coffee more than just about anything, and as consumers, we felt that something was lacking. We saw all the ways that big coffee companies were shorting their customers, and we vowed to do something about it. Cooper’s Cask Coffee is committed to going the extra mile, using the highest quality ingredients and the most effective roasting methods.

Whiskey Coffee

We’ve talked a little bit about our options for single-serve whiskey coffee, but what exactly is “whiskey coffee”? You may not think the idea of mixing whiskey and coffee is particularly appealing, but the process isn’t as simple as pouring a shot of bourbon into your cup of coffee. 

Our founder, John Speights, first had the idea for whiskey-infused coffee after hearing about a teamaker who infused his tea with wine. John felt that the signature whiskey flavor would pair perfectly with coffee. So he reached out to a local distillery and obtained a few old whiskey barrels.

He took high-quality coffee beans and let them marinate inside the barrel for 40 days. Once he removed them and brewed a fresh cup of coffee, John knew that he had something special on his hands.

Quality and Variety

We don’t just offer single-serve whiskey coffee, either. The coffee world is so much more vast and varied than most people realize. Coffee comes in all shapes and sizes from different places all over the world.

Each one of those variables affects the taste and texture in one way or another. We know that everyone’s preferences are different, so we’ve done our best to offer as much variety as we possibly can. We have light roasts and dark roasts.

We have single-serve and bulk coffee. We have coffee aged in whiskey, rum, and even wine. No matter what you’d like to try, we have options!

Single-Origin Coffee

Did you know that where your coffee comes from can affect how it tastes? It’s true. Depending on the geography, your coffee might have been grown in different soil with varying levels of sunlight and water. These things can all affect how the coffee grows. And when the coffee grows differently, the taste is subject to change.

Whether those changes are for the better or worse is up to the individual consumer, but that’s exactly why it’s important to offer coffee from different locations.

Some people may love the way an Ethiopian coffee bean tastes, but other people may prefer Kenyan beans. It’s all down to personal preference!

What is single-serve coffee?

Before we get into our options for single-serve whiskey coffee, we should give a little more insight into precisely what single-serve coffee options we offer. Let’s define the term.

You may think that single-serve coffee just includes coffee pods, and that’s a fair assumption. After all, by 2014, coffee pod sales made up 1/4th of all coffee sales in America! But “single-serve coffee” can include other brewing methods as well.

Put simply, “single-serve coffee” is just any brewing method that makes a single cup of coffee. So this may include other brewing methods like espresso, too!

Environmental Factors

Coffee pods might be even more popular, but some people abstain from trying them due to environmental concerns. They assume that because coffee pods result in more physical waste, they must be worse for the environment than brewing an entire pot.

But you may be surprised to learn that this is not the case. According to the Washington Post, traditional coffee machines may cause more harm than a single-serve coffee machine.

Beans that will become single-serve whiskey coffee

For one, coffee pods don’t produce coffee grounds. And two, brewing a pot of coffee produces more emissions than coffee pods do. So if you’re worried about the environment, you may want to consider coffee pods as a green alternative.

Our Single-Serve Coffee Options

Now that you have a stronger handle on the benefits of single-serve whiskey coffee, let’s get into some of the options that we offer. Not only do we have options for different coffee-brewing styles, we have different options for single-serve coffee as well. So let’s do a deep dive into what exactly you can expect from our single-serve coffee.

Variety Packs

The first question you should ask yourself when buying single-serve whiskey coffee should be, “How much do I want?” Obviously, you won’t want to buy a single coffee pod, so instead, we serve value packs that contain either 12 or 24 coffee pods apiece.

If you’re interested in trying a smaller number of pods before you commit to the larger 24-count pack, we totally understand! 

But the 24-pack offers more than just additional pods. The 24-pack has a wide variety of flavors as well. You’ll get 6 pods each of rye, bourbon, rum, and single-malt whiskey coffees.

Rye Coffee

The first of our single-serve whiskey coffee options is rye-infused pods. Rye whiskey is a bold whiskey choice, and many people will use it if they’re really looking to boost the whiskey flavor of their cocktail. 

And if you’re a fan of that strong rye taste, then you would love these rye coffee pods. One of the most important parts of Cooper’s Cask Coffee is the balance of our flavors. We didn’t want to offer a single-serve whiskey coffee pod that didn’t taste anything like whiskey. But we also didn’t want to overpower the consumer with a strong alcohol taste.

The key is to make the taste prominent, but not overpowering.

Bourbon Coffee

Another option for our single-serve whiskey coffee pods is a bourbon brew. Bourbon is considered by many to be America’s signature alcohol. A 1964 Congressional resolution even named bourbon “America’s Native Spirit,” so bourbon’s significance can’t be understated.

A spirit must contain at least 51% corn to be legally classified as “bourbon.” Like rye, bourbon also has a pronounced flavor, but this flavor has confectionary notes. So when we combine it with our high-quality coffee, you should notice a pleasant sweetness in your brew.

Rum Coffee

Rum is a delicious spirit that tastes bright and sweet, perfect for tropical cocktails. It’s also perfect for our coffee pods. Rum’s taste should be no surprise, given how it’s made. Regardless of the type of rum, it’s all made with sugarcane.

Rum has become synonymous with the Caribbean, which shouldn’t be a surprise, given the fact that sugarcane is commonly found in the region. If you’re a big fan of rum (or any cocktails made with rum), then you should consider trying our rum-infused coffee pods. You may find that they’re a perfect way to give yourself a little more pep in the morning.

Single-Malt Coffee

The last choice we have for our single-serve whiskey coffee pods is our single-malt infused option. The term “single-malt whiskey” simply means that the whiskey comes from a single distillery.

It’s a common misconception that single-malt whiskey is not a blend, but that isn’t necessarily the case. A single-malt whiskey might contain whiskey from multiple barrels, but those barrels all must come from the same distillery.

We only source our whiskeys from established, high-quality distilleries, so you can rest assured that the whiskey is top-of-the-line. As you brew your single use coffee pod, you’ll notice that the whiskey offers a blend of prominent, complex aromas.

A Different Single-Serve Option

As much as we’re proud of our single-serve whiskey coffee pods, they’re not for everyone. Maybe you don’t have a Keurig or coffee pod machine. Maybe you just like to be a little more intentional about brewing your coffee.

Either way, you’re looking for another single-serve option. If you don’t like the idea of a coffee pod but still want a single-serve coffee option, you may want to consider a tried-and-true coffee brewing method; you may want to try an espresso.

What is espresso?

If you’re new to coffee (or just not a fan of variety), then you may not have tried an espresso before. Maybe you’ve been curious, but you weren’t quite sure. Or maybe you’ve never even heard of espresso in the first place. So what is it? The answer is simple—it’s just another way to brew your coffee.

Espresso is the default way of brewing coffee in Italy—it’s a small, higher-intensity cup of coffee, one that can be consumed in a single gulp.

The mouthfeel of espresso is smoother and more velvety. It’s definitely different from what you may be used to, but you might find that it becomes your default drinking method as well.

More Than Breakfast

An espresso is more than a simple breakfast beverage. One of the benefits of espresso is its versatility. Some of us don’t think of coffee as a drink that can be enjoyed in the afternoon or the evening, but espresso is the perfect palette cleanser.

If you’ve made a big dinner and want to enjoy a beverage with your dessert, then an espresso might be the perfect choice. Getting ready for a night out and want a light, delicious beverage to start things off on the right foot? Head over to your espresso machine and get brewing. You can enjoy this small treat any time of day.

How is espresso made?

When it comes to making quality espresso, pressure is the name of the game. Espresso is made much differently than a standard cup of coffee, and this unique procedure is vital if you’re interested in that signature strong, silky taste. To make espresso, you need finely ground coffee. And we always recommend that you do it yourself for the best flavor.

Once the coffee is ground, you pack it tightly into a puck and run high-pressure water over it. You don’t want to use too much water, though. You should have a 2:1 coffee to water ratio. This will result in a classic espresso that’s sure to impress. 

Why grind your own beans?

If you’re more interested in espresso than coffee pods, you may want to consider grinding your own beans. The uninitiated might find themselves rolling their eyes. After all, grinding your own coffee is certainly more work. Does it actually make a difference? It does, and we’re confident you’ll taste the difference.

When a company grinds the coffee ahead of time, you could lose the freshest possible taste. But grinding coffee in your own home allows you to unlock some of the dormant flavors held in the bean itself.

So if you’re looking for the highest quality cup of coffee possible, we’d urge you to get your hands dirty and start grinding. When you pour your first cup of freshly ground coffee, we think the advantages will speak for themselves.

Cooper’s Espresso Options

While espresso may not be as popular in America as it is in a place like Italy, we at Cooper’s still thought it was important that we offer lots of options for espresso. We want to cater to anyone’s coffee tastes and preferences. Our recommended espresso options have the perfect flavors for your midday treat or nightcap.

How Roast Affects Coffee

Before we get into our espresso options, we should define an important term. Those new to coffee might not understand what we mean when we classify a coffee by its style of roast. And even if you have heard terms like “medium roast” or “dark roast,” you might not know what they mean.

Roasting single-serve whiskey coffee
Roasted coffee beans close-up on a wooden surface.

How does the roast of a coffee affect its flavor? Well, roast has a massive hand in how a cup of coffee may taste. The darker a roast of coffee, the stronger and more “coffee-like” it will taste.

But somewhat ironically, a darker roast coffee will actually have less caffeine. Meaning if you want something with a bit more of a kick (but with less coffee flavor), you should actually go for a lighter roast!

We roast our beans in-house with a convection air roaster; it’s important to us that you have a quality roast every time.

Espresso Variety

Interested in taking the espresso plunge for yourself? That’s great, because we offer an Espresso Coffee Box Set. This box set has three delicious flavors that you can try yourself. They’re all fantastic choices for someone hoping to get into espresso, or for someone who has tried it all and wants something new. Let’s take a look at the options included in the box set below:

Brazil Medium Dark Roast

Our first espresso option is the Brazil Medium Dark Roast. The Brazil Medium Dark Roast is the perfect espresso option for anyone looking for a coffee with fresh notes. Our single-origin Brazilian beans provide a quality, authentic taste. Use this blend for your espresso, and it will likely have notes of black cherry and orange.

But if you’re worried that it will taste too fruity or acidic, then not to worry, as these beans also have a hint of brown sugar sweetness in there as well. It’s a delectable combination of flavors, perfect for any time of day or night. You can buy this coffee by itself or in our variety pack.

Ethiopia Bold Light Roast

The Ethiopia Bold Light Roast coffee is great for those who want a less intense coffee taste that still packs a punch. Indeed, the Bold Light Roast lives up to its name. The flavors presented here are all-natural. You may first notice a sweet, organic honey flavor. And the high caffeine level still present in the beans ensures that this brew will give you the boost you need.

As you drink, you’ll be confronted with a number of subtler flavors, like wild berry. We think that it’s important that your coffee has complex flavors that you uncover while you finish your cup. It makes the entire experience more involved.

Kenya AA Medium Dark Roast

Kenyan beans are renowned for their taste and quality, so we were sure to source some of our espresso beans from this coffee capital. These high quality Kenyan beans will produce an espresso that is thick and honey-like. And although this brew is a dark roast, there will still be some subtle notes of fruit lingering on the tongue.

You will likely taste a bright, peachy flavor underneath the prominent coffee taste. With less caffeine than our Ethiopian or Brazilian options, the Kenya AA Medium Dark Roast may be the perfect choice for single-serve whiskey coffee.

Coffee Blog

Interested in learning more about what makes good coffee? We have our own blog to help you better understand how to prepare and drink quality coffee. Here, you can read tips and tricks from qualified coffee experts.

We want to help all of our customers understand why we love coffee so much. So take a look at our blog and read for yourself how you can optimize your coffee-drinking experience!

Try It for Yourself!

We’ve given you several options for single-serve whiskey coffee, but how could anyone possibly choose? Especially if you’re new to coffee, it can be difficult to predict what will work best for you. But we’ve thought of that. We want to cater to old and new coffee drinkers alike, so we developed a custom online coffee finder tool.

This tool takes the guesswork out of the equation with the help of a short and simple survey. All you have to do is answer a few questions about your taste preferences, and we’ll instantly send you a customized recommendation. You can feel confident and excited about your new coffee beans.

So see for yourself what makes Cooper’s Cask Coffee different from the rest.


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