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Why You Should Try Bourbon Coffee

Gourmet Coffee

February 15, 2024

Two cups of bourbon coffee and a biscottie sitting on a cutting board to represent naturally flavored coffee

Do you drink a cup of coffee every single day? You’re not alone—in fact, as many as 62% of all Americans admit to imbibing daily. But you need variety in your coffee.

If you were eating the same sandwich once or twice every day, you’d probably get pretty sick of it, no matter how good it tastes. Your coffee is the same way.

Why subject yourself to the same boring coffee over and over again? You want something a little bit different; you want a cup of coffee that will make you wonder why you didn’t trade up sooner.

At Cooper’s Cask Coffee, we can supply you with that perfect cup. And it all starts with bourbon coffee

A New Way to Drink

Our team at Cooper’s Coffee has made its bones developing a whole new way to drink your coffee.

It all started back in 2014, when our founder, John Speights, had an interesting idea. He’d seen how some tea companies aged their leaves in wine barrels, and he loved the idea of infusing a drink with his favorite alcoholic beverage. But he preferred coffee.

So, John began to consider what might pair well with his favorite morning joe. He soon settled on bourbon.

John reached out to a friend that worked at Sons Of Liberty—a nearby distillery—and asked if he could borrow an old whiskey barrel. This barrel contained a delicious bourbon, and John poured his coffee beans inside.

After letting them soak up that old whiskey taste, he removed them and brewed a fresh cup of coffee.

It only took one taste for John to realize something special was in his hands. He knew there were plenty of people just like him who would enjoy the taste of a good bourbon coffee. And just like that, Cooper’s Coffee was born!

Room to Grow

By 2015, we had set up a website for Cooper’s, and things were going well, but we were still operating out of John’s garage.

It served as a solid base of operations in the beginning, but he needed something bigger, something that could handle the new influx of customers and coffee drinkers.

Bourbon coffee was turning into more than a simple project—it was becoming a booming business right before our eyes.

So, we decided to upgrade. We bought a 5-pound per batch air roaster to improve our turnaround. Unfortunately, something was still missing. We needed a kitchen. So, John reached out to a family friend who operated their own restaurant.

He helped them develop a website, and, in return, they gave him a space in their kitchen. We got to work roasting beans at a larger scale. We’d be up late into the night, boxing orders and roasting our beans.

A woman out camping in a coat & hat drinks bourbon coffee from a Cooper's cup to show outdoor coffee brew methods

But even then, we knew this wasn’t a permanent solution. So we traded one garage for another. Now, we operate out of a 500-square-foot garage, and we’ve upgraded from a small, at-home side project to a fully FDA-certified coffee roasting facility.

It’s never been easier for customers to order bourbon coffee bean shipments of all sizes.

The Versatility of Coffee

Many of our customers drink coffee because it gives them a little extra pep in the morning. Who doesn’t love getting ready for work while the smell of a warm cup of coffee fills their kitchen? But one of the things that we at Cooper’s love about coffee is its versatility.

Some people prefer to drink their coffee in the evening, maybe while having a cookie or a slice of cake. Others prefer to drink their coffee all throughout the day.

If you’re one of many Americans who constantly has a thermos filled with hot coffee at all hours, then we can’t blame you. We’re obsessed with coffee, too.

It doesn’t matter to us whether you restrict your coffee consumption to the morning, or if you never put the cup down at all—we think you’ll be satisfied with our bourbon coffee.

Why bourbon?

At first, you might find the idea of bourbon coffee a little strange. Most people can understand the idea of combining coffee with a donut or a piece of tiramisu, but bourbon?

The flavors of a quality alcohol and the taste of coffee are a tried and true combination. An espresso martini, for instance, is a beloved dessert cocktail.

Quality bourbon has a distinct taste—a sweet, aromatic bitterness—and goes well with our high-quality roasted coffee beans. Never considered mixing bourbon and coffee? Then do yourself a favor and give it a try. We have a feeling that you don’t know what you’re missing.

The Brewing Process

There’s no secret, hidden process behind bourbon coffee. The process is as simple as can be, and we’re excited to tell you exactly how it works.

The key to the perfect batch of bourbon coffee is high-quality ingredients and a little bit of patience. You can’t create a masterpiece without the right materials, and the same is true with our bourbon coffee.

We could get our beans on the cheap, but we know the only ones who would suffer from a decision like that are our loyal customers. We couldn’t do this without you, so we want to make sure you’re at the top of our priority list at all times.

Boom, Roasted!

As convenient as it would be, you can’t just pop raw beans in the grinder and call it a day. You need to roast your beans before you can brew the perfect cup of bourbon coffee.

The roasting process is what gives coffee its distinctive smoky, bitter taste. We prefer the air roasting process at Cooper’s Coffee.

Air roasting allows us to mitigate the risk of burning the coffee beans. Some people prefer a dark roast coffee, and that’s just fine with us.

But when a coffee bean is burned, you’ll be able to taste the difference. Our American-made Loring Smart Roaster helps ensure that each batch of roasted coffee is even and uniform, every time.

Barreling Toward Success

You can’t have a good cup of bourbon coffee without, well, the bourbon! And we don’t just dump a bunch of our beans into a bottle of bottom-shelf liquor. We love bourbon coffee because of its complexity.

The perfect glass of bourbon is packed with subtle notes and flavors. Bourbon isn’t something you down in a shot. It’s a drink meant to be savored, sipped, and enjoyed.

Fortunately, we’ve partnered with a number of distilleries, like Bully Boy Distillery, Sons of Liberty, Thomas Tew, and more. These distilleries only produce the best bourbon, and their whiskey barrels take our coffee to the next level.

Good things come to those who wait!

When it comes to great coffee, we can tend to be a little impatient. Especially nowadays, it’s normal to want things immediately.

But good things come to those who wait. Our coffee beans need to sit in the bourbon barrels for a long time to soak up all that delicious bourbon taste.

We seal our coffee beans in the barrels for at least 45 days to ensure the beans taste as pronounced and delicious as possible. If we feel the beans aren’t up to our standards after 45 days, then we may let them sit longer. We won’t put out a product we’re not 100% thrilled about.

A Clear Flavor

If you hate bourbon, then this coffee might not be the right choice for you. Our coffee isn’t called bourbon coffee for no reason.

A french press brewer pouring delicious Cooper's Craft bourbon coffee into a cup for father's day gift ideas

The bourbon flavor should come through clearly in each and every sip. Bourbon coffee is a great way for bourbon drinkers to get a taste of their favorite beverage while warming up in the morning.

It’s shocking for those who haven’t tried it—you might not assume that aging beans in a barrel would infuse them with so much flavor, but it really comes through. We’re not in the business of exaggerating to our customers. Bourbon coffee packs a punch. 

What are the effects of bourbon coffee?

One of the most common questions we receive about bourbon coffee is “Will it get me drunk?” After all, most people like to drink their coffee in the mornings, before work, but they wouldn’t drive to work after a couple glasses of straight bourbon.

Fortunately, you’re not going to be stumbling around after drinking a pot of our coffee. The actual alcohol is cooked down during the roasting process.

As a result, you’re still left with a pronounced bourbon taste, but you’re not going to be passing out at your desk. Bourbon coffee has all the flavors of bourbon, without the hangover!

Natural Flavors

After some people hear the lengths we’re willing to go to for bourbon-flavored coffee, they look at us like we’re crazy. They claim that we could just use artificial flavors, and no one would know the difference. However, we adamantly disagree.

Something about our bourbon coffee just tastes undeniably real, and that’s because it is. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t fake the taste of an all-natural bourbon.

Besides, keeping our coffee free of harsh chemicals means that you’re not filling your body with toxins. You can drink a big cup of our coffee knowing that you’re sipping on something natural and authentic.

A Global Reach

We hope you’ll take a look at our store page—it’s never been easier to sort through our different coffee options. As you browse through our selections, you may notice that we sort some of the beans by their country of origin.

This may seem like an arbitrary sorting method, but, in actuality, discovering a coffee bean’s country of origin may help you predict the flavor of your brew.

Any gardener will tell you that several factors can affect how a plant will grow, including weather, sun, rain, and water quality. Naturally, these will all vary based on your geographical location. So compare the origin of every coffee you try. You may prefer one over the other!

On the Grind

We recommend that you always use whole coffee beans in your brewing process. Yes, that means that you will have to grind them yourself. Now, this may be an extra step, but remember—high speed does not equate to high quality.

If you put just a little more time into preparing your coffee each morning, you’ll never go back to the old ways.

Grinding your own coffee beans greatly increases the strength and complexity of its flavors. Shipped intact, your beans retain all the taste from the roasting process. This taste is released as you grind, so you can have better flavor every time.

New Ways to Brew

You may be unsure of the best way to brew our coffee, especially if you’ve never ground your own beans before. But brewing a perfect cup of coffee doesn’t have to be as difficult as you may think. 

That doesn’t mean that the brewing process is unimportant. The brewing process can change the way your coffee tastes and feels on your tongue. Everyone’s preferences are different—that’s the fun of owning a coffee business!

Let’s take a look at some of our preferred brewing methods, and you can begin to experiment with your own coffee beans at home.

The French Press

The french press is a simple, hand-operated method for brewing coffee. You’ll want to grind your beans coarsely. Don’t be tempted to overgrind.

Next, you’re going to boil some water (your coffee-to-water ratio will greatly depend on your preferences, but we traditionally recommend 2 tablespoons of coffee per 6–8 ounces of water). Once the water is at a boil, take it off the heat for 30 seconds.

A french press pouring bourbon coffee

You may burn the coffee if you skip this step. Let the coffee brew for 4 minutes, wait an additional 4 minutes, and then plunge the french press. You should be left with a cup of delicious coffee.

The Auto-Drip

The auto-drip method is an easier, less hands-on way to brew your cup of bourbon coffee. Kitchen technology has only gotten more and more advanced over the years, meaning that the machines require less manual labor.

An auto-drip machine will have a reservoir of water, so be sure to fill that up. You can use the same ratio of coffee to water as the french press. This time, however, you can feel free to experiment more with the fineness of your grind.

A finer coffee may taste stronger, so be sure to take that into consideration. And don’t forget to remove the coffee pot once it’s time to drink. No reason to risk overcooking or burning your coffee.


Another method for brewing our bourbon coffee is to use an espresso machine. An espresso is when water is passed through a compacted “puck” of ground coffee beans. You won’t receive much coffee when you brew with an espresso machine, but you won’t be lacking energy.

Espresso is an extremely condensed version of coffee. The overall texture of an espresso is slightly different than you may expect. It’s slightly thicker, and the taste is very strong.

But espresso isn’t only for serious coffee drinkers. Many people love it as a supplement to their favorite dessert.


We truly hope you’ll fall in love with our bourbon coffee. We have customers who swear by our product, and they wanted to know if there was a more convenient option for regular purchases. 

As much as they loved our website, they felt like they were always buying bags of our beans to stay fully stocked.

They wanted a way to receive their coffee regularly, without needing to order it themselves. So, we decided to build out a subscription service.

This subscription service is fully customizable. No matter which coffee you want, how much you want, or when you want it, we can modify your subscription to fit your needs.

A Coffee Deep Dive

Obviously, we’re pretty excited about our bourbon coffee. However, bourbon coffee isn’t all we offer.

That’s right—if you liked the idea of a liquor-infused coffee but you’re not a bourbon drinker, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn about our other options. So, let’s take the opportunity to do a bit of a deep dive into some of our other coffee infusions.


We have several different options for rum-infused coffee. Rum is probably most closely associated with tropical drinks like the pina colada. It’s fresh, it’s bright, and it’s sweet.

These are the flavors we look for in a great rum, and they’re the flavors we look for in delicious coffee. In many ways, rum and coffee are a match made in heaven.

We have rum infusions from Rwanda, Colombia, and Ethiopia, so regardless of where you like your coffee sourced, you can still enjoy it combined with the distinct rum flavor that you find yourself craving in the summer.

Malt Whiskey

New or uninitiated drinkers may not understand just how complicated a glass of whiskey can taste.

Most people have a vague sense of what whiskey ought to taste like, but it takes an experienced consumer to peel back the layers and taste what a delicious malt whiskey has to offer.

When you try our malt whiskey coffee beans, you’re not just going to be met with a vague whiskey flavor. You’ll experience earthy notes—tobacco and vanilla and fresh fruit.

All of these different, unmistakable flavors blend into something entirely unique. There’s truly something special about our malt whiskey coffee beans.

Rye Whiskey

There’s something a little bit different about rye whiskey. It can be hard to put into words, especially if you’ve never had a glass, but rye is something entirely its own.

At once aromatic, bitter, earthy, and flowery, rye is a complex, acquired taste. And once you’ve acquired it, it never truly lets go.

We’re big rye fans ourselves, and we wanted to supply fellow rye drinkers with a coffee for them. Our rye whiskey coffee beans have notes of peaches, honey, chocolate, and more. These flavors, combined with the sharp rye flavor, are the perfect way to start your day (or to end it!).


Looking for another alternative to bourbon coffee? Take a look at our selection of wine coffee beans. Once we started infusing coffee with different liquors, we knew that wine was a no-brainer.

Wine is already known for its strong, fruity flavors, so we knew it would pair deliciously with coffee. Brewing our wine coffee beans will result in a delightfully sweet, robust flavor combination. We also have several different wine options.

Some of our customers prefer chardonnay, some prefer pinot noir, and some prefer cabernet

We didn’t want to discriminate against customers with different tastes, so feel free to choose between these options, or maybe consider trying all three. Variety is the spice of life.

A Coffee Resource

By now, you’ve likely realized that coffee can be a complicated thing. Making a terrific cup of bourbon coffee can take a little work, but it’s all worth it in the end.

A selection of our bourbon coffee

We want to do our part to ensure that everyone is satisfied with their morning joe. Cooper’s Coffee can be your coffee-drinking resource.

We have a blog filled with tips and tricks to brew your coffee as effectively as possible. No matter what questions you may have about coffee, we probably have a blog to answer them.

So spend some time, look through our backlogs, and learn a bit more about how you can cup your coffee game.

Find Your Perfect Bean

Maybe you’ve been drinking the same coffee for years. Maybe you’re always chasing that next great coffee taste. Either way, we think you should consider trying our bourbon coffee.

If you’re not a bourbon fan, or if you can’t possibly choose just one of our bean varieties, we think you should take a look at our coffee finder tool.

With this handy online application, you can answer a few short questions and receive a personalized coffee recommendation. We can do the heavy lifting for you. Try it now!


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