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Different Options for Wine, Whiskey, and Bourbon Coffee Beans

Gourmet Coffee

February 15, 2024

A selection of our bourbon coffee beans

Coffee is complex. Everyone drinks it, but few take advantage of all that coffee can be. Of course, maximizing the potential of your coffee can take a little bit of time and effort, but it’s worth it! We don’t want to settle for drinking bland instant coffee with sickly-sweet flavorings.

At Cooper’s Cask Coffee, we want to help you elevate your coffee experience. If you’re going to drink the same beverage every day, why not ensure that you’re drinking it right?

We have developed a line of coffee beans infused with a variety of different spirits. So, read on and learn why you should consider trying our wine, whiskey, or bourbon coffee beans.

Who Are We?

We’re Cooper’s Cask Coffee, and we’d like to think we know a thing or two about a delicious cup of coffee.

We started this business because we are—to put it bluntly—obsessed with coffee. We drink it every single day, but before we started our business, we found that it was difficult to find a coffee that lived up to our lofty expectations.

We wanted a company that didn’t treat their own product like an afterthought, sacrificing quality just to make an extra couple bucks. So we decided to do it ourselves, and we vowed to do things just a little bit differently.

We’re not the biggest coffee chain in the world, but frankly, we’re proud of that. We have more control and are able to provide more attention to detail. We put our all into every single order that we ship.

We think you’ll notice the difference. But we’re more than just your average company. We knew that we needed an edge to set us apart from all the other coffee roasters in the world. And we found it. 

We’ve Got Spirit!

Spirits are a big part of the Cooper’s experience. No, we’re not haunted—we mean alcohol! We infuse our coffee with different spirits to give it a little something extra. It started with our bourbon coffee beans.

We borrowed a couple of whiskey barrels from a nearby distillery, poured in some beans, and waited. After a while, we removed the beans, packed them up, and sent them to anyone who would listen.

cooper's cask coffee bourbon coffee beans with cutting board, coffee cup, and whole bean coffee sprinkled on the counter

The reviews were unanimous—the bourbon coffee beans made for a delicious cup of coffee. We didn’t just stop at whiskey, though. We paired our beans with a number of other liquors and spirits, and we’re pretty happy with the results. Our customers are, too.

The Bourbon-Flavored Beginning

While we have many different flavors of liquor-infused coffee, it all started with the bourbon. Our bourbon coffee was our first foray into this specific subgenre of coffee, and we still sell it today.

We only source our bourbon barrels from the best distilleries, and we have a number of partners who are willing to help us create the best coffee possible. The infusion method is pretty simple. We take the pre-roasted beans and put them in an empty bourbon barrel.

While the bourbon barrels may be empty, they once contained gallons of delicious, high-quality liquor. The beans soak up that liquor, and after a minimum of 45 days, we remove the beans to see how they’re doing. If we’re satisfied with their development, we get them in the roaster.

We have a specially designed roaster meant to eliminate the risk of burnt coffee beans. We sell everything from light to dark roast, but no one likes a burnt cup of coffee. The roaster will also remove any additional remnants on the beans, like chaff.

Once the roasting process is done, we’re left with a batch of delicious bourbon-flavored coffee. But if bourbon coffee doesn’t sound like your thing, then don’t worry. We have plenty of other options for flavored coffee, and we know you’ll find something that speaks to you.

Don’t Whine When There’s Wine!

It could be that dark liquor isn’t your favorite thing to drink. That’s okay—everyone has different tastes and preferences. But that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on trying a cup of our coffee.

For those of our customers who are hesitant about the idea of a whiskey-infused coffee, we may recommend our wine coffee beans.

These coffee beans will have the sharp, fruity taste of a glass of your favorite wine, and better still, we have multiple different varieties of wine to choose from.

You can try cabernet, chardonnay, and pinot noir. Regardless of your preferences, our coffee-flavored wine could be the right choice for you.

Rum Like the Wind

As you’re driving to work or sitting on the train, you’re probably fantasizing about being anywhere else. And while you circumvent the irritations and aggravations that come with a long commute, you could probably use a tropical vacation.

While we can’t offer something as extravagant as a trip to an all-inclusive Caribbean resort, we can offer you a coffee flavor that will help you feel like you’re there.

If you’re looking for a brighter, summer-y alternative to our bourbon coffee beans, you can try our rum-infused coffee beans with the pronounced tropical flavors that you’d expect from a rum cocktail. Take a sip of your coffee, and fantasize about being on a beach, soaking in the sun.

Drinking Whiskey and Rye

Whiskey has plenty of different varieties and brands that may taste similarly to the everyday taster. But small changes in the whiskey’s distillation process can actually have a pronounced impact on exactly how it tastes.

Cooper's Cask bourbon Coffee beans and bag artfully posed before making coffee cocktails

The first option we have for whiskey-infused coffee is our malt whiskey coffee beans. But what exactly is malt whiskey? It has to do with a specific ingredient. The term “malt” whiskey comes from this ingredient: malted grain.

Malt whiskey must be made from malted barley and no other grains. When combined with our coffee, you may taste notes of vanilla, tobacco, and more.

Malt whiskey isn’t the only whiskey we infuse our whiskey with. We also have rye whiskey coffee beans as well. Rye whiskey, like malt whiskey, is defined by its ingredients. Rye whiskey must be made of at least 51% rye grain.

These grains come with their own specific flavors. When you taste a rye whiskey, you’ll know it. We knew we wanted to make rye-infused coffee, and we’re glad we did.

The results speak for themselves. Our rye coffee beans have a complex combination of flavors, including peaches, strawberries, and chocolate.

It may be difficult to decide between malt and rye whiskey. But not to worry! You can try rum, bourbon, rye, and malt whiskey all at once with our barrel aged coffee box set.

Find Your Perfect Cup

We hope you’ll try our bourbon coffee beans, or one of our other spirit-infused alternatives. We have a lot of different choices for coffee at Cooper’s, and it can feel impossible to decide between them.

How will you know which beans you’ll like before you even try them? It’s a conundrum, but a conundrum we’ve solved with the help of our online coffee finder tool. This handy online tool asks you some basic questions about your coffee preferences.

If you have even the most casual opinions about how you prefer your coffee, it should only take a few moments to complete. After you’re finished, we’ll send you a personalized coffee recommendation. Try it now!


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