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coffee flavor profile

Get to Know Your Barrel Aged Coffee Flavor Profile

Coffee Flavor Profiles

March 25, 2023

A kitchen scene where Cooper's Craft Coffee is being poured into a French press showing the coffee flavor profile

Understanding a barrel aged coffee profile can open up a new world of java pleasures. That’s 1 of the big reasons why we started Cooper’s Cask Coffee in the first place. We wanted a home for true single origin coffee, and for the joy of creating new flavor signatures through the natural process of barrel aging. 

Our whiskey and wine barrel aged coffees allow us, and you, to experience something new and delicious in every cup. And we do it without fake flavors or chemical additives. Imagine that—naturally enhancing the aromatics and coffee flavor profile for the richest, cleanest taste.

Contact us with any questions you might have about which coffee flavor might best suit your palate, and read on for a tasty description of our gourmet coffee flavor profiles.

What’s so special about single origin coffee?

We only use Grade 1 single origin coffee beans that garner high scores—90+ points—in flavor profiles. 

We know that other coffee companies blend their beans from different sources. This way, the corporate brands can substitute one kind of bean for another in case there’s a shortage. 

Plus, if you have a non-distinct flavor, nobody will know when you’ve run out of any certain kind of beans. 

Another reason some coffee companies blend their beans is to use both higher quality and lower quality beans in the same batch. It saves money for them, and since the flavor is indistinct, once again—the consumer who favors their coffee won’t really notice. 

We don’t do that. Our quality-sourced beans come from specific locations around the world, and don’t get mixed with other locations, nor with lower quality beans. They have specific taste profiles that must be kept to the highest quality standards.

The Cooper’s Cask Coffee Flavor Profile Keeps Improving

We never release a coffee unless we’re absolutely sure it’s up to par for our customers. However, we don’t stop there. The team at Cooper’s Cask Coffee constantly cups and tweaks our coffee profiles to capture all of their unique tasting notes.

Where the beans are grown, the climate, the soil, all of this impacts the coffee flavor profile. Then, when we’ve chosen the best beans possible, we create our signature series of barrel aged coffees. 

That series has been reigniting the joy of drinking coffee across the U.S., even earning us a reputation for being one of the best barrel aged coffee producers.

Once you place an order, our master roaster creates your batch. We don’t stockpile roasted beans, because the freshness of roasted coffee starts to decline at about 7 days.  And we won’t over-roast our beans for a bitterness that hides long shelf times. 

Instead, we roast them only when you order them. The master roaster even hand-writes the roast date, lot number, and initials on every bag. If you think of it, take a sec to appreciate the work of a master craftsman when you open the bag and smell the amazing aroma. 

Discover the Tastiest Profile for You.

Aging green coffee beans in recently retired whiskey, bourbon, rum, and wine barrels may sound cool, but what does it mean for your tastebuds? Here’s a handy lineup of our barrel aged coffees, and what each coffee flavor profile holds in store for you.

A dockside shot of delicious Cooper's Cask Coffee showing their variety for coffee flavor profile

Single Malt American Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee

This bold brew starts with our single source Sumatra coffee bean from the sub-region of Lintong. By itself, this bean delivers the coffee flavors of woody earth and mild sweet tobacco with a hint of tropical fruit.

Using single malt American whiskey barrels from Sons of Liberty Whiskey, the aging process infuses additional flavor and aroma notes of vanilla and caramel sweetness. 

The medium dark roasting delivers a full-bodied coffee with a long whiskey finish. 

Thomas Tew Rum Barrel Aged Coffee

Our Rwanda single origin green coffee beans age for months in Thomas Tew Rum Barrels from Newport, RI, to achieve this playful coffee flavor profile. 

We think you’ll find this coffee to be incredibly smooth. The aroma after a fresh grind evolves into an amazing caramelized sugar and all-spice bouquet with a hint of golden raisins. Thanks to our master roaster, the flavors in the brewed cup continue, deepening into a rich cocoa complexity with notes of spice, vanilla, and oak.

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Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee

Based on our Colombia Grade 1 single origin coffee beans, they bring an incredibly vibrant bouquet of aromatics and smooth full body flavor into our Kentucky bourbon barrels for aging.

When you order our Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee, Cooper’s Cask Coffee gives them a dark roast and delivers them to you as whole beans or the grind of your choice. 

In your first cup you’ll discover vibrant toasting notes of rustic sweetness along with a hint of cocoa and dark fruit notes, ending with a bourbon finish

Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee

This delicious brew begins with Ethiopian dry processed single origin green coffee beans. That dry process involves drying out the coffee cherries under the sun on screened racks, rather than stripping the cherries after picking. 

This drying process intensifies the flavor of the cherry into the coffee bean. Once they’re dried enough, we age these green coffee beans in Sons of Liberty “Battle Cry” Rye Whiskey Barrels. 

The time in those barrels produce a coffee flavor profile with bright and clean notes including a slight acidic spice, fruited hints of peach jam and strawberries, a touch of sweetness of red raw honey and of dutch chocolate. 

You’ll also enjoy a floral room note and as our Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee delivers intense aromas and complex flavors in each cup. 

Chardonnay Wine Barrel Aged Coffee

Our wine barrel aged coffees offer unique coffee flavor profiles for the wine-and-coffee lover, plus any coffee aficionado who enjoys a new experience in their cup. 

Cooper’s Cask Coffee Chardonnay Wine Barrel Aged Coffee starts with Kenyan AA single origin coffee beans of the Bourbon varietal.

The beans begin with tart and dark fruit notes. After aging in the chardonnay wine barrels, each order of the beans receives a slightly darker medium roast. 

This roast puts the finishing touch on developing a coffee flavor profile with hints of honey wheat, bittersweet chocolate, molasses biscuit, and a dark cherry sweetness and a suggestion of honeysuckle nectar.

Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Barrel Aged Coffee

Cooper’s Cask Coffee Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Barrel Aged Coffee ages Costa Rican single origin beans in cabernet sauvignon wine barrels for a beguiling complexity of flavors.

Upon order, a batch receives a medium roast for an incredibly vibrant bouquet of aromatics. The coffee flavor profile includes honey, chocolate, and molasses, with a toasted oak finish.

Pinot Noir Wine Barrel Aged Coffee

Our Pinot Noir Wine Barrel Aged Coffee fills pinot noir wine barrels with single origin Rwanda green coffee beans. 

These beans are uniquely special, as they are high-grown at elevations of roughly 5900 feet to 6100+ feet in an area known as the “land of 1000 hills.” This Bourbon varietal lends a balanced sweetness with a slightly tart, zingy finish.

Each order is medium roasted, releasing more of the internal sugars of this bean for a coffee flavor profile including rich caramel, brown sugar, honeyed sweetness, and a bit of ginger snap. 

You’ll notice a rustic sweetness of dried figs that gives way to a heavy sweet body, like the caramelized sugar from a creme brulee crust.

A man walking along a beach drinking Cooper's Cask Coffee and enjoying the coffee flavor profile

Delicious Flavors the Natural Way

One of the amazing things about our barrel aged coffee has no added flavoring. Flavored coffees get roasted, and then coated with flavoring syrups and chemicals.

Our barrel aged coffee process infuses the unroasted, single-sourced green coffee beans with the flavors and aromas still in the barrels. That’s why the rum barrel aged coffee has the taste of rum to it, but none of the alcohol.  

The finishing touch from our master roaster ensures you get all the best of both the coffee and the spirit essence.

Ready to try one of our coffee flavor profiles?

It’s easy, and it’s risk free. Order the barrel aged coffee that sounds right to you. If you can’t choose, try one of our boxed sets! 

And know that if it’s not quite to your palate, Cooper’s Cask Coffee always offers a 100% money back guarantee. Simply ask for a refund or to try another of our coffee choices at no charge (shipping included!). 

You might discover that a single origin coffee on its own is the right coffee flavor profile for your cup.

Contact us with any questions about our product, our process, or our popular gift cards—and your friends—money on your purchases! 

Small batch, big satisfaction. Cooper’s Cask Coffee. 

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