Single Origin Coffee

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Single Origin Coffee

Coffee the Way It Should Be

We all know how many different coffee options are out there—from big chains and small shops to retail stores and subscriptions. So how does Cooper’s Cask Coffee stand out? Well, we do what we’ve always done: use the highest quality grade 1 single origin beans, roast them to perfection, and let the customer taste the difference.

While most companies use blended coffee for the sake of convenience and price, our single origin coffee lets you experience the distinct aromas, notes and flavors of the region they came from. Read on below to learn more about any of our single origin products!

Why Single Origin Coffee?

You may or may not have heard of single origin coffee. Whether you’re a coffee purist or only visit your local chain shop, it doesn’t matter. We can all agree that any company worth their name should try to make the highest quality products they possibly can, right? For Cooper’s Cask Coffee, that means using single origin coffee beans as our foundation.

When we say that Cooper’s uses single origin coffee beans to make our products, it means that each bean came from the same source. Specifically, we import coffee beans from certain regions across the globe. Because each country is unique—with different elevations, soils, climates, and more—each will have a different approach to harvesting and processing their coffee beans.

This also means that each bag of single origin coffee beans will have its own distinct notes, profiles, and complexities specific to each region. Sounds simple enough, right? Unfortunately, this isn’t common practice across our industry—particularly with large-scale roasteries.

Any coffee producer can import their beans from another country; the issue is that most of them blend their imports together to create a basic, flat flavor profile. Unfortunately, this causes the coffee to lose the distinct subtleties and flavor that are unique to the region, coop or farm it came from. Worse yet, they then store their coffee beans in warehouses and on shelves for weeks on end—which degrades and oxidizes them to create a worse product.

Cooper’s believes in a different approach: one that emphasizes enjoying all of the unique flavors a region has to offer. That’s why both coffee snobs, newbies, and agnostics enjoy the taste of our line of single origin coffee beans.

What also sets us apart is our fresh-to-order process for roasting every bag of single origin coffee—ensuring maximum flavor, taste, caffeine, and enjoyment when it arrives at your doorstep. Our goal at Cooper’s Cask Coffee is to always do what we can to ensure the best possible product for customers so that they can feel the same love for our coffee as we do. This means that we’re consistently cupping, tweaking, and testing our small batch coffee to bring you the freshest, highest quality beans.

Sound good to you? If so, check out our full line of single origin coffee beans and get a bag (or variety pack) to try for yourself. Or, if you’re not quite sure what might be the best match for you, we recommend using our product match tool to find the bag that best fits your tastes!