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father's day gift ideas

Classy Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Cooper’s Cask Coffee

Men's Gift Guide

April 2, 2023

A french press brewer pouring delicious Cooper's Craft Coffee into a cup for father's day gift ideas

Father’s Day exists as the one day of the year to celebrate The Big Guy. The Gillmaster. The Garage King. The Sink Fixer. Captain of the Cargo Shorts. He Who Walked Both Ways Uphill in the Snow.

Dad may also be the Coffee Lover, the Whiskey Connoisseur, and the Cigar King. The kind of man who relishes some classic me time after a good day of work. Or maybe enjoys a Saturday plan of accomplishing honey-do’s, and then kicking back because honey’s done. 

Cooper’s Cask Coffee celebrates His Dadness with our list of relaxing Father’s Day gift ideas. Show Dad your appreciation for all those life lessons he taught with the accouterments that make up the papa-style good life. 

Cup of Sumatran and a flavor-matching cigar? Two fingers of craft whiskey and a barrel-aged espresso? Dad’s going to love getting these! 

And who knows, he might just invite you into the man cave sanctum sanctorum to share. 

Coffee for Work and Play

Cooper’s Cask Coffee products excel as Father’s Day gift ideas. The hardest part will be picking which delicious coffee will make dad smile the most!

Dad’s Daily Grind

Does dad have his own grinder? Or does he like to scoop the ground coffee from the container? When your order our coffees, you get to choose how you want it to arrive:

  • Beans. The bean, the whole bean, and nothing but the bean.
  • French Press. A course, even grind that makes his French press coffee fantastique.
  • Auto-drip. This medium-coarse grind keeps dad’s pot from being too weak or bitter.
  • Espresso. A fine grind for a rich, delicious brew.

Get Fresh with Dad

This is about the only way you can get fresh with pops without getting the “arched eyebrow of doom.” Cooper’s Cask Coffee delivers the freshest coffee possible.

We roast our beans on a per-order basis, shipping them out asap when ready. 

Roasted beans only have about 7 days of post-roasting freshness before the flavors start to oxidize and degrade. If the coffee is ground after the roast, the process accelerates even more quickly.

That’s why we don’t stockpile roasted beans. Cooper’s Cask Coffee never sits roasted in warehouses or on retail shelves for weeks or months. As proof, our master roaster hand-writes the actual roast date of the order on every package. 

When your dad unboxes his father’s day gifts of Cooper’s Cask Coffee, he really is getting the freshest beans possible. So get fresh with dad. He’ll appreciate it.

Single Origin Coffee

You may not be able to send dad on a world cruise, but you can give him the authentic flavor of coffees from around the world. 

Our Single Origin Series coffee choices are all Grade 1 beans of the highest taste scores. “Single origin” means the coffee is sourced from a single region in one country. Often our coffees are also from a single producer in that region, who grows only specific crop varietals.

By using single origin coffee, Cooper’s Cask Coffee delivers nuances and tasting notes that are unique to that region. Our constant cupping and testing ensures not only the quality of the coffee, it keeps the flavor profile consistent and—we might add—darned tasty!

Bag of single origin Colombian as an idea of Classy Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Cooper’s Cask Coffee

The Fresh Choices for Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Time for dad’s trip around the world, one cup at a time.

Sumatra Dark Roast

These Sumatra Dark Roast beans are organic grade 1, wet processed to remove the coffee cherry from the bean. 

What’s a coffee cherry? Also known as the coffee fruit or coffee berry, it’s a stone fruit with a firm pulp and skin surrounding the pit—which is the actual coffee bean. The coffee cherry is edible, and even considered a super-food. 

After the wet process, our Sumatra coffee beans are naturally sun dried. This volcanic island region helps the bean deliver an earth tone rustic sweetness, with undertones of woody cedar, dark chocolate, slight dark stone fruits and a hint of raw tobacco. The dark roast further enhances all the flavors for a rich, bold cup.

Ethiopia Light Roast

Our single origin Ethiopia Light Roast delivers a lighter brew, with an intensely bright and clean taste profile including lemon tart, raw honey, and floral nectar. 

The beans get their unique flavor through the farm’s dry process method. And the farm’s dry process adds the extra step of laying out the coffee cherries on raised beds to dry in the desert sun. 

Sure, it’s tedious, but this extra step imparts some of the actual cherry into the beans for a distinct citrus, raw floral honey and wild berry undertones. 

When our master roaster finishes the beans at a light roast level, it maximizes the flavor intensity and the caffeine.

Kenya AA Medium Dark Roast

The Kenya AA Medium Dark Roast beans exhibit a palate-pleasing combination of tart and dark fruit notes. The brewed aromas give a molasses, honey wheat tea biscuit scent. Roasted to a slightly darker medium roast, each cup delivers a bitter sweet chocolate and dark cherry fruited sweetness.

Colombian Dark Roast

Cooper’s Cask Coffee single origin Colombia Dark Roast coffee beans help dad enjoy an incredibly vibrant bouquet of aromatics as his coffee brews. The smooth full body flavor includes a taste profile hinting of rustic sweetness, cocoa and dark fruit notes.

Rwanda Medium Light Roast

Our chosen coffee farms of Rwanda exist at high-grown elevations of 1800 to 2000 meters, earning the name “the land of 1000 hills.” Our Rwanda Medium Light Roast offers a balanced sweetness of rich caramel, brown sugar, honeyed sweetness, and a lemon ginger snap finish.

Tanzanian Peaberry Coffee

Hailing from East Africa, this choice for Father’s Day gift ideas is known for its sweet, fruity profile. Our Tanzania Peaberry Coffee conjures a taste profile including bright acidity, and notes of orange, raspberry, and wine. 

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas for When Dad Wants to Chill

Cold brew coffees give pops the choice to be “cool” as a cucumber. Whatever that means. We’ve heard him say it, but we don’t really understand it. Do you, dad. Do you.

For iced coffee that tastes delicious, you can take your favorite Cooper’s Cask Coffee and give it a coarse grind. Put the ground coffee in a lidded container, add the proper amount of water, and let it steep for around 12 hours.

This slow process infuses the water with the coffee essence for a strong, concentrated brew. Strain it after the 12 hours, pour it on ice, and he’s off to the races. Or the patio. His choice.

We also offer 3 cold brew coffees, curated for the specific flavors they create in the cold brew process.

  • Guatemala Cold Brew. A smooth and sweet flavor profile with tastes of milk chocolate, creamy caramel, and hint of orange.
  • Organic Peruvian Cold Brew. A vibrant profile delivering the smooth taste of caramel with hints of cherry and orange. 
  • Colombia Cold Brew. A balanced and bold profile with the smooth tastes of cocoa and light fruited flavors. 

Can’t pick? Try a Single Origin Boxed Set

You don’t have to pick just one. With our boxed sets, your Father’s Day gift ideas bring single-origin coffees from around the world right into his cup. Pick the ones you think will please dad the most, and send them!

Still can’t choose? Let dad choose whatever he wants with a Cooper’s Cask Coffee gift card!

Group picture of Cooper's Cask Coffee barrel aged coffees which make good fathers day gift ideas

Spirits & Coffee Taste Without the Alcohol

If dad enjoys whiskey, bourbon, rum, or wine—and of course, coffee—he’ll love our Father’s Day gift ideas that combine his favorite spirit with his brew!

Cooper’s Cask Coffee barrel aged coffees use retired bourbon, whisky, rum, and wine barrels. We fill them with green coffee beans, and let them age in the barrel for a few months. Green coffee beans more readily soak in the surrounding flavors than roasted beans.

As the green coffee beans age there, they get infused with the flavors and aromas specific to that barrel’s previous casking, along with hints of characteristics from the wood itself, from oakey to toasted to smoothness.

Cooper’s Cask Coffee doesn’t use the same bean for each barrel aged coffee. We specifically choose the single origin coffee bean whose taste profile will best complement the barrel’s flavor infusions. Together, they make a unique and delicious cup that dad will enjoy.

Uprising Stout Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee

Our Single Malt Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee starts with unroasted Sumatra beans. We load them into a retired Uprising Stout Whiskey barrel from the Sons of Liberty Distillery, and age them for a few months. The process delivers tasting notes of woody earth,tobacco, tropical fruits, caramel and vanilla with a whiskey finish.

Battle Cry Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee

As another whiskey choice, Cooper’s Cask Coffee Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee Beans begin as unroasted Ethiopian Dry Processed beans, and are aged in a retired Battle Cry rye whiskey barrel from Sons of Liberty Distillery. 

This choice gives dad a bright and clean cup with a slight acidic spice. It’s fun to watch him discover the fruited notes of peach jam and strawberries, touch of sweetness of red raw honey and dutch chocolate. 

Thomas Tew Rum Barrel Aged Coffee

Bring out your pop’s inner pirate with a cup of Thomas Tew Rum Barrel Aged Coffee. We take a retired Thomas Tew rum barrel from their Newport, RI distillery, and fill it with unroasted Rwanda single original beans. This aging delivers tasting notes of caramelized sugar, red raisins, molasses, rich cocoa, baking spices, vanilla and oak. 

When you add this rum barrel aged coffee to your Father’s Day gift ideas, you’ll prove you arrrrrr his favorite. Yeah, it’s a dad joke. He would approve.

Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee

Kentucky is known the world over for its bourbon. We take their best retired barrels to make our Bourbon Whiskey Barrel coffee. The Colombian single origin green coffee beans soak in the flavors, and our master roaster finishes them to the perfect roast level. 

Each cup delivers a vibrant taste profile of rustic sweetness, a hint of cocoa and dark fruit notes with a bourbon finish.

Wine Barrel Aged Coffee

Does dad love the occasional glass of vintner’s delight? Let him enjoy the flavors of it with his coffee, too, for a 2-for-1 taste treat. It’s almost like saving money when you look at it like that, and what dad doesn’t love saving money? He’ll be so proud.

Chardonnay Wine Barrel Aged Coffee

Our Chardonnay Wine Barrel Aged Coffee uses Kenya AA Beans aged in retired chardonnay wine barrels. The taste profile includes a subtle tartness of green apples and green grape skins that finishes slightly sweet with notes of honeysuckle nectar.

Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Barrel Aged Coffee

These beans start life in Costa Rica. Once they go through the aging process, our Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Barrel Aged Coffee imparts sweet flavor and complexity, with a roasting that reveals fruited notes and hints of chocolate.

Pinot Noir Wine Barrel Aged Coffee

We pair single origin Rwanda beans with retired pinot noir barrels to create our distinctive Pinot Noir Wine Barrel Coffee. Starting with a rustic sweetness of dried figs, this medium roast gives way to a heavy sweet body, including a caramelized sugar flavor similar to a flame-kissed creme brulee crust.

Barrel Aged Boxed Sets 

Just like our Single Origin Coffees, you can get Cooper’s Cask Coffee Barrel Aged Box Sets. They make the perfect way to try something new.

100% Satisfaction with Our Coffee—or Your Money Back

You know that dads want the most for their money. Show dad you learned the lesson for Father’s Day gift ideas with our 100% money back guarantee. 

Just ask for a refund or let us know you’d like to try another coffee. We’ll refund the money, or ship the exchange coffee at no charge.

Dad enjoying coffee and a paper showing that Cooper's Cask Coffees make good fathers day gift ideas

Coffee and Cigars

Now that you’ve discovered a brew to send to dad on his special day, how about cigars that complement the coffee?

Here at Cooper’s Cask Coffee, we canvassed the staff and a few professional tobacconist connections to curate the top 3 suggestions for cigars that go well with a cup of coffee. 

Kristoff Criollo

Taking cues from elite Cuban cigars, the Kristoff Criollo comes with a rich oily wrapper, pigtail and uncut foot. It looks as good as it tastes, with notes of toasted almond, hints of spice and a sweet finish. 

  • Wrapper: Cuban Seed Honduran Criollo
  • Binder: Cuban Seed Dominican
  • Long-filler: Cuban Seed Dominican, Cuban Seed Nicaraguan

Our recommended coffee pairing: Ethiopian Light Roast, Pinot Noir Barrel Aged

Alec Bradley Double Broadleaf

The Alec Bradley Double Broadleaf cigar uses a proprietary wrapper and binder Honduran tobacco grown from heritage Connecticut Broadleaf. Blended with an additional binder from Nicaragua and long-filler tobaccos from Honduras and Nicaragua. 

Flavor notes rye bread and oak along with a dark, salty, and earthy taste, including a dry black coffee finish with hints of fudge for sweetness.

 Wrapper: Honduras

  • Binder: Honduras, Nicaragua
  • Long-filler: Honduras, Nicaragua

Our recommended coffee pairing: Kenya AA Medium Dark Roast, Bourbon Whiskey Barrel

Henry Clay Warhawk

Are you kidding? Part of the allure of this cigar is the name:“Henry Clay Warhawk.” You can almost hear the silent “oorah!” at the end.

Surrounded by an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, this cigar contains Honduran broadleaf binders and long-fillers. The flavor profile gives spicy hints of cocoa, citrus, hazelnuts, cedar, and molasses sweetness, along with a surprisingly creamy note. 

  • Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut
  • Binder: Connecticut Broadleaf
  • Long-filler: Honduras

Our recommended coffee pairing: Rwanda MediumLight Roast, Thomas Tew Rum Barrel Aged Coffee

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Flavored Cigars for Extra Tastiness

Quality cigars exist with flavor infusions that can add even more pleasure for dad in your Father’s Day gift ideas. We went through the suggestions and chose the ones we thought would best complement any of our coffee choices, hot or cold brewed.

Tatiana Dolce Vanilla

Handmade in the Dominican Republic, the Tatiana cigar company ages their Cuban-seeded Dominican fillers for two years, infusing them with sweet Madagascar vanilla. An Indonesian wrapper completes the Tatiana Dolce Vanilla cigar.

Dad will enjoy a taste profile including hints of molasses and black pepper, along with a slight nuttiness and and of course, vanilla!

M by Macanudo French Vanilla

Macanudos are one of the top selling premium cigar brands in the world. For their M by Macanudo French Vanilla cigar, they blend Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos, with an Indonesian wrapper. An infusion of French Vanilla gives the experience a sweetness along with a creamy richness. 

M by Macanudo Mint Cocoa

Another Macanudo premium cigar, the M by Macanudo Minto Cocoa contains Indonesian and Nicaraguan long-filler tobaccos, infused with mint-cocoa tasting notes and a sweetness that combine for a rich, almost dessert-like experience. 

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the D.I.Y. Dad: Self-infuse the Cigars

Want a cigar that delivers a coffee flavor profile? Give dad a D.I.Y. set that you put together yourself as one of his Father’s Day gift ideas. It’s easy, and lets your dad have fun doing it.

First, pick the Cooper’s Cask Coffee whole bean that best fits your dad’s taste buds and order it. Then, purchase non-flavored cigars that he’ll like. Hint: sneak a peek into his humidor and take a phone pic if you’re not sure.

Next, using a container he can seal tightly, dad just puts in some of the beans, then a few of the cigars. He’ll cover the cigars with more beans, and seal the container tightly! 

He’ll need to make sure the cigars are completely surrounded by the beans, and then store the container out of direct sunlight in an area that doesn’t get too hot or too cold.

Now all he has to do is wait. When 4 to 8 weeks have passed, voila! Dad takes the cigars out and enjoys them while he brags to friends how easy it was.

Strong Spirits For the Man of Honor

Our barrel aged coffees include delicious flavors derived from some of the best craft distillers. As Father’s Day gift ideas for a man of taste, these tastes are sure to be dad-approved.

Sons of Liberty “Uprising” Single Malt Whiskey

Malted barley involves soaking barley in water, then allowing it to germinate. The germination gets halted before a new plant sprouts, and the “green malt” barley is dried, leaving a “malted” grain that’s full of sugars and starches. 

The more you heat the barley during the drying process, the darker the malt. These are often used to make stout beers.

Sons of Liberty uses the darker malts to create their clean, complex Uprising American Single Malt Whiskey. They ferment 100% malted barley, then double distill it. Sons of Liberty then ages the double-distilled whiskey in newly charred American Oak barrels, complemented with toasted French oak. 

You arrive at an extremely smooth experience, with flavor notes including vanilla and caramel, along with distinct mocha/coffee flavors. You can see why we favor it for our Single Malt Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee

Be sure to check out the Sons of Liberty flavored whiskeys, along with their vodka, and gin!

Thomas Tew Single Barrel Rum

Newport Craft Brewing & Distilling creates the award-winning Thomas Tew Single Barrel Rum. Traditionally made the same way it was in the 1700s—in a copper pot still—this boldly-flavored dark rum gets aged for an average of 5 years in ex-bourbon barrels. 

Each sip engenders flavors of spice, oak and bold blackstrap molasses, with a complex creamy mouthfeel and lingering flavors of dark chocolate, mocha and bold blackstrap molasses. We use their retired barrels to create Thomas Tew Rum Barrel Aged Coffee.

Basil Hayden Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Won’t kid you—we straight up argued over this. There are a LOT of great Kentucky bourbons. So we decided to rank worthiness on 3 major factors:

  1. Tastes great (confirmed by group testing)
  2. Has presentation cache (makes dad’s buddies nod in approval)
  3. Isn’t brutally expensive (but not cheap either)

After much haggling and a bit of happy-hour bribery, we settled on Basil Hayden Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Inspired by a late 1700’s whiskey pioneer by the name of Meredith Basil Hayden, Sr., this straight bourbon whiskey uses a higher percentage of rye for a heightened and pleasant spice and bite. 

The charred oak flavor from the 2+ years of barrel aging gets complemented by flavors including a brown sugary sweetness, a touch of black pepper, and hints of dried fruit at the finish.

Classy Father’s Day Gift Ideas Are in the Cup

Start dad’s day the right way, with a gift of delicious Cooper’s Cask Coffee. Dad will love it from the first sip. And it might give him energy and peace of mind when he unwraps any ties, socks, or aprons that say “I LIKE PIG BUTTS.” 

Plus, sharing a cup and some conversation is what dad’s love most. Laugh about memories as you enjoy our Single Origin Coffee or Barrel Aged Coffee

Remember that we always offer a 100% money back guarantee. Should the coffee choice end up not being dad’s preferred coffee, simply ask for a refund or to try another of our coffee choices at no charge (shipping included!). Contact us with any questions.

Cooper’s Cask Coffee. Small batch, big satisfaction.

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