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whiskey gifts for dad

Barrel Aged Whiskey Gifts for Dad

Men's Gift Guide

April 4, 2023

Man enjoying a cup of Cooper's Cask Coffee as one of the great whiskey gifts for dad

At Cooper’s Cask Coffee, we have a thing for retired distillery barrels. 

First and foremost, they create magic for our barrel aged coffees. Second, they just look cool—those big iron bands, the oak staves colored by time and use, that visual connection with a craft stretching back 100s of years. And third, they can be used to create awesome barrel aged whiskey gifts for dad. 

Oh—and then there’s the accouterments for the original products created in those whiskey barrels. 

Whether you’re looking for Father’s Day gifts, birthday gifts for him, or just a perfect way to say “thank you,” we gathered some ideas for the awesome barrel aged whiskey gifts for dad. 

A Sip for the Pop

Dads and coffee go together. From that happy sigh he makes when he has his morning sip, to the relaxing cup enjoyed for sheer pleasure of it, his mug is his haven.

We’ve taken dad’s cup up a few notches with our single origin barrel aged coffees. Three of them make great whiskey gifts for dad!

Single Malt Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee

Our Single Malt Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee uses retired Uprising Stout Whiskey barrels from the Sons of Liberty Distillery for our aging process. It delivers a flavor profile with notes of woody earth, tobacco, tropical fruits, caramel and vanilla with a whiskey finish.

Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee

Cooper’s Cask Coffee Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee is made from single origin beans aged in a retired Battle Cry rye whiskey barrel from Sons of Liberty Distillery. 

The flavor profiles gives dad a bright and clean cup with a slight acidic spice, along with fruited notes of peach jam and strawberries, and the slight sweetness of red raw honey and dutch chocolate. 

Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee

Kentucky bourbon is world renowned for excellence. We use retired Kentucky bourbon barrels to age the beans for our Bourbon Whiskey Barrel coffee. Each cup delivers a vibrant flavor profile of rustic sweetness, a hint of cocoa and dark fruit notes with a bourbon finish.

Can’t pick one? Send a boxed set.

How about all three as whiskey gifts for dad? Our Bourbon/Malt Whiskey/Rye Whiskey 3 Bag Set lets him enjoy all of them, in his choice of whole beans or 3 different grinds: Automatic Drip, French Press, or Espresso.

Boy Meets Grill: A Love Story

Sometimes a retired oak barrel has run its course for use in aging spirits or wine. Or, it might have become damaged and can’t be repaired.That doesn’t mean it’s headed for a landfill!

Like a scene from Fargo but with a much happier, less messy ending—it can slide into the chipper to live on as smoker fuel! 

Smoking Wood: Surprising Whiskey Gifts for Dad

Retired or damaged oak barrels can impart delicious flavors to your smoked meats. Whiskey barrel wood chips can lend hints of whiskey, which work amazingly well with red meats, as well as pork and chicken. 

A sweet, spicy rub along with whiskey barrel wood chips smoking away can create a craft level, crowd pleasing whiskey barbecue sauce taste deep into the meat. 

Sure, you can find all kinds of whiskey barrel chips from known names in your local big box store. But when you want to turn that smoking wood into whiskey gifts for dad, here are some sources that are pure fire.

Midwest Barrel Company

This company has got it all. If we just look at grilling and smoking products, MI\idwest Barrel Company champions Bourbon Barrel smoking wood in several sizes:

  • Chunks. Great for long-term smoking.
  • Chips. Great for shorter-term smoking, and for cocktail and appetizer smokers.
  • Pellets. Bro, do you even Traeger? It’s bourbon barrel wood for the pellet style smoker.

Oh, but wait—there’s more. Midwest Barrel Company also offers smoker wood from these retired sources:

  • Wine barrels
  • Rum barrels
  • Tequila barrels
  • Gin Barrels
  • Apple brandy barrels
  • Port Casks
  • Maple syrup barrels
  • Hot sauce barrels

Like Hephaestus wearing a hat saying “Who’s Yer Grilldaddy?”, your dad can use these different wood smoking chips and chunks in his grill or smoker to create culinary magic. 

A group of guys sitting on whiskey barrels which will become great whiskey gifts for dad

Barrel Proof Cask Strength Smoking Chips and Blocks 

The Barrel Proof company takes authentic Kentucky bourbon barrels and turns them into dad-approved smoking wood. That authentic flair has earned them the distinctive designation of “Kentucky Proud.”

They supply Kentucky bourbon barrel chips and chunks/blocks for whichever way dad likes to grill. However, they also have a product specifically designed for how dad likes to imbibe: Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Dust.

This tin of very finely chipped smoking wood can be used in various cocktail smokers and smoking guns, cloches, etc. From smoked drinks to freshly smoked cheese and meat appetizers, Bourbon Barrel Dust is the easiest way to use smoker wood straight from the packaged to the cocktail smoker.

Don’t have a cocktail smoker? They have that too: the Smoke Ring Cocktail Smoker made from—you guessed it—Kentucky bourbon barrel wood. Designed by Barrel Proof, it comes in two parts—bourbon barrel head for the outside ring and bourbon barrel bung (stopper) for the actual burn surface.

Imagine it—dad at the grill with a smoked bourbon neat while bourbon wood smoking a brisket? Yeah, he’s all in for that!

Thousand Oaks Barrel Foghat Culinary Smoking Fuel

Thousand Oaks Barrel Company has designed their own Foghat Cocktail Smoking Kits to smoke cocktails and infuse cheese and meats.

What impressed us the most with their array of items was the array of their Foghat Culinary Smoking Fuels.They offer 8 different tins of tiny wood chips, including bourbon, whiskey, gin, and wine barrel wood. The other four include:

  • Nutcracker Sweet. Toasted walnut, pecan, and cinnamon shavings.
  • Maple Myst. Maple wood, vanilla, and flower petals.
  • Old Hickory. Lightly toasted hickory wood shavings.
  • Peat Bog Fog. Whiskey barrel oak shavings and Scottish peat.

The big guy can go full metal mad scientist creating smoked drinks with these whiskey gifts for dad. 

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Add Some Class with the Glass

As we brainstormed here at Cooper’s Cask Coffee, we realized no list of whiskey gifts for dad would be worthy without cool containers for his favorite quaff.

Monogrammed Whiskey Glasses with Whiskey Stones Set

Dad’s going to feel like a king when he gets this Schaefer Personalized Whiskey Stones and 6 oz Shot Glasses Gift Set from Home Wet Bar.

The set consists of a natural wood box with 9 piece whiskey stones set, tongs, and 2 six-ounce shot glasses. Imagine dad’s eyes when he sees the beautiful wood box with a lid personalized by up to 2 lines of text.

When he opens the box, he’ll find two sturdy, crystal-clear large shot glasses with his name letter monogrammed on them!

Put the stones in the freezer and within a short time, you’ve got bourbon neat—but on the rocks. Literally, on the rocks. Or think of it as bourbon straight—but with no shaking and no water or ice.

Old Fashioned Whiskey Drink Ice cube makers

With this as one of your whiskey gifts for dad, he’ll have a ball—of ice! 

The Whiskey Ball Company created these trays and ice maker systems for dads (and anyone else) who love the look, elegance, and fun of a large ice cube in their drink. Long a staple of the timeless Old Fashioned, a Whiskey Ball ice tray or system does the job!

Oh, but wait. Sure, you can make a large cube or large ball of ice for the exquisite drink. But you can also have a large diamond, rose, or skull of ice. Fancy, yes. Fun, definitely!

They also go great with our Cooper’s Cask Coffee Cold Brew choices!

Cold Smoking Box Kit

There are a lot of nifty tabletop cocktail smoking kits and infusers for creating smoked whiskey drinks and smoked appetizers. Many have a glass cloche so you can watch the smoke load up on whatever’s underneath.

But how many look like a small treasure chest, huh? Insert dadly grunt of approval here.

On Amazon you can find Homia’s Smoking Gun Wood Smoke Burner PRO Kit.

You get the battery powered smoking gun, the treasure chest smoking box, a stand for the gun, the hose that feed the box, a disk lid, 4 flavors of wood chips, a nozzle for bubbles to put the smoke directly into the drink, 4 x AA batteries, 3 extra mesh screens for the burning chamber, tweezers, cleaning brush, screwdriver, and a lock for your treasure chest of yum!

The kit is ready to use right out of the box, so dad can unwrap it and start smoking whatever drink, cheese—or cup of Cooper’s Cask Coffee—that he wants. 

Bags of Cooper's Cask Coffees including whiskey barrel aged coffee next to a coffee cup representing great whiskey gifts for dad

Fillable Whiskey Gifts for Dad

If dad likes whiskey, he might just like keeping his favorite vintage in something that makes a statement.

Dad’s Own American White Oak Bourbon Barrel/Cask

Available on Amazon, this Personalized Custom American White Oak Bourbon Barrel comes in several sizes to suit dad’s storage needs, from a 1 liter mini-cask, to a 20 liter mini-barrel.

Dad will cure and seal it, then fill it with his favorite drinkable—whiskey, rum, tequila, wine, or store other non-chilled edible liquids (honey, vinegar, etc).

What makes the multiple size choices really stand out is the personalized laser engraving that can be done on the tapped butt. Words, images, logos, it’s all good! A happy phrase, the family crest, a funny slogan—make his barrel better while he enjoys the fruits within.

The Proof is Strong in This One

Another Amazon find from our staff, this one had us laughing…and wanting to order one of our own.

Whiskey decanters have countless shapes and sizes.. But when it comes to whiskey gifts for dad, this is your best Boba Bet. The HEYVGO 25.3 Ounce Whiskey Decanter Set is an unlicensed tribute to the best western movie series this side of Tatooine.

One might say the decanter is shaped like a stormtrooper’s helmet. Did they miss? Not this time.

Plus you get two 5 ounce whiskey glasses—with interiors shaped like more stormtrooper helmets! That’s a pew-pew of deliciousness. And a couple of these filled and emptied might get you through Jar Jar Binks. Maybe.

Because a certain franchise empire isn’t mentioned anywhere on the listing, we’re pretty certain there’s a little Mos Eisley smeared on the copyrights. We’ll leave that up to imperial forces. For us, we just want this set so we can make dad jokes.

  • “Bar Wars”
  • “Return of the Dadi”
  • “Liquor, I am your father”

We can feel you rolling your eyes and groaning. #joy

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Whiskey Barrel Jewelry & Art

With so many whiskey gifts for dad out there, we wanted a few class acts to surprise and delight him beyond flame, fuel, and drink.

Whiskey Barrel Rings

We were kind of wowed by the beauty and depth of styles in these Whiskey Barrel Rings from Pillarstyles.

At first blush you might think the rings are made only out of retired whiskey barrel wood. On the contrary—they come trimmed in tungsten, damascus steel, silver, gold, and titanium. Plus some have natural accents of antler or meteorite stone.

Gorgeous and masculine, dad would wear this like a champ. 

Whiskey Barrel Art

Let dad’s name become a work of art to pass down through generations, with this Personalized Tennessee Whiskey Barrel Stave Wall Art from Holtz Leather Company.

Created from authentic retired Tennessee whiskey barrels, the wood stave runs about 2.75 – 3.5 inches tall and 35 inches wide. 

Holtz Leather can put your name on it, or maybe your house longitude & latitude coordinates. You can ask them about other possibilities. They come with the wood sealed to keep the white oak from graying, and mounting holes pre-drilled in the back. Simple, cool, and dad-approved.

Don’t Forget the Coffee

Dad’s love a hot, fresh cup of joe. Cooper’s Cask Coffee sends the freshest small-batch coffee possible. 

So when it comes to whiskey gifts for dad, our barrel aged coffee choices give him the gourmet tastes of single origin coffee with delicious accents of Kentucky bourbon, single malt whiskey, or rye whiskey.

Contact us with any questions you might have about our coffees, and if you can’t decide—don’t. Send a gift card, and let dad figure it out. He’s good at that kind of thing.

Small batch, big satisfaction. Cooper’s Cask Coffee. 

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