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coffee gifts for dad

Coffee Gifts for Dad (Who, Of Course, Wants Nothing)

Men's Gift Guide

April 12, 2023

African American man enjoying Cooper's Cask Coffee as one of his coffee gifts for dad

Oh man, it’s gift time for dad. You ask him what he wants?

“The winning lottery numbers.”

Ha ha dad, that’s still funny, even after this many years. But really—what do you want? And he drops the null set on you. 


ZeroMG, dad!!

Cooper’s Cask Coffee understands your dilemma. You love The Dude, and want to get him something he’ll enjoy. Our java bean brainiacs have coffeed-up to help you come up with coffee gifts for dad. 

Get ready to get tricksy, for surprises to enjoy with a good cup!

Let’s Get Dripping: Roasts That Rule

Most dad’s love a good cup of joe. The smell of it brewing wafting through the house or the office feels like a welcoming wave. 

Or maybe dad brews up a pot on weekends for honey-do’s or just fun to-do’s. Nothing like his favorite coffee to keep him company.

Surprise dad with a boxed set of Cooper’s Cask Coffee, single origin or barrel aged.

Single Origin Boxed Sets

Our Single Origin Coffee Box Set delights, with taste profiles from around the world. Soon enough dad will understand the differences between our Sumatra Dark Roast’s earth tone rustic sweetness with hints of stone fruit and chocolate, and our Rwanda Medium Roast with its rich caramel and brown sugar sweetness with a perky lemon ginger finish.

This box set has four different single origin coffees:

Dad can pick how he wants the coffee to arrive, too: whole bean, French press, auto drip, espresso, and Turkish. 

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Barrel Aged Box Sets

Cooper’s Cask Coffee has Barrel Aged Box Sets for dads who love a bold spirit or good red wine. These coffee gifts for dad can make even the most notoriously “I don’t want anything” dad want this.

Hard Spirits Barrel Aged Boxed Set

Does dad like the occasional taste of bourbon, whiskey, or rum? Then he’ll love sipping on a cup of joe from our Bourbon, Whiskey & Rum Barrel Aged Coffee box set. 

These delicious choices get their flavor profiles from single origin coffees aged in barrels that held Kentucky bourbon, craft distillery single malt and rye whiskeys, and award winning small batch rum.

The four coffees in this boxed set include:

boxed set of wine barrel aged coffee as a prime choice for coffee gifts for dad
Wine Barrel Aged Box Sets

Does dad have a little of the sommelier to him? We’ve got the coffee gifts for dad when he enjoys a good bottle of red. Give him a Cooper’s Cask Coffee Wine Barrel Aged Box Set.

Whether it’s Father’s day gifts, birthday gifts for men, or any day gifts just to show your love, our 3 wine barrel aged coffee flavors deliver single origin coffee goodness with naturally infused flavor profiles from retired pinot noir, chardonnay, and cabernet sauvignon barrels. 

From the tastes of caramelized sugar from a creme brulee crust, to notes of honeysuckle nectar or chocolate hazelnut and toasted oak, your dad’s palate gets to explore his favorite parts of coffee, and of wine.

The Wine Barrel Aged Box Set includes these three Cooper’s Cask Coffee choices:

More Boxed Set Choices for Mr. “I Don’t Want Anything”

We’ve got so many delicious coffee gifts for dad, he can’t resist your gift-giving skill. Some others include:

Single Serve Coffee Cups Too

Is dad addicted to the K Cup life? No problem. Kick his cup up a notch with our 24 Count Barrel aged Variety Single Serve Box Set. Dad gets 4 awesome barrel aged coffees to make his single serve bring on the taste! 

Making It and Taking It

Coffee gifts for dad can include useful gadgets and gizmos that make his coffee experience all the richer.

Setting the Therm-ecstatic 

Dad’s are notorious for keeping an eye on the house thermostat. Now they can do it for their cup of coffee, too, with the Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2

This manly, black, 10 ounce mug keeps his coffee between 120 to 145 degrees for up to 90 minutes with its rechargeable battery. If dad keeps his mug on the charging coaster, that prime temp can be kept all day!

The temperature is controlled by a phone app, which means dad can set the temp, customize presets, receive notifications and more. This man is connected to his coffee!

This’ll Have Dad Frothing at the Milk

Trying to get the right froth for his latte may result in dad placing an espresso maker at the curb. In pieces. 

Let’s simplify the process for him with the Ninja Coffee Bar Easy Milk Frother. Pour in the milk, hot or cold, and work the plunger similar to a French press to froth the milk. 

This unit has the best ratings on Amazon for a manual milk frother. Yup, no electricity on this bad boy. Just like the old days when dad had to froth his milk all the way to school. In the snow. Uphill. Both Ways.

Pour-over set of coffee products making great coffee gifts for dad

Pour-Over On the Go

Cooper’s Cask Coffee makes amazing pour over coffee. But how do you take the beans, grinder, filter, and even the cup with you when you’re a busy dad?

Easily, with a Portable All-in-One Pour Over Coffee Maker. Yup, it’s kind of the Swiss Army Knife for the barista-minded. This medium thermos-sized unit includes a fully adjustable ceramic burr grinder, pouring kettle, etched stainless filter dripper, insulated tumbler and lid.

Now dad can have cafe quality pour over coffee just about anywhere. All he’ll need is heated water. The rest is done via this stackable group of tools.

Cold Brew Goes Nitro

If your dad loves a cold brew coffee—especially when it’s warmer outside—this is one of the coffee gifts for dad that can make his java experience stellar.

The uKeg Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker helps dad turn his regular cold brew—like the cold brew coffee from Cooper’s Cask Coffee—into nitro coffee.

What’s nitro coffee?

That’s a legit question. You may have seen it on your favorite coffee shop’s menu. Basically, nitro coffee is cold brew coffee infused with nitrogen gas. 

This isn’t done just to make the coffee bubbly. Unlike carbonation, nitrogen gas reacts differently in the liquid. The bubbles are smaller than carbonation bubbles, and the nitrogen gas adds a little sweetness to the taste. Plus, the texture of the drink becomes creamier, without actually adding cream!

Dad will love what it does for his cold brew, plus the family will love knowing dad may be consuming less cream, sugar, or their substitutes. But don’t tell dad that.. Instead, let him enjoy the cool coffee growler design, the almost ale house spigot, and the cascading bubbles when he fills his glass.

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A camping scene with Cooper's Craft Coffee in it that represents coffee gifts for dad

Thinking Outside the Cup

So you’ve got delicious coffee to share with pops on his special day. What now? 

Coffee gifts for dad can include what you do together, and what he needs to get his caffeinated day going. Our team of dad-driven coffee nuts came up with a list of fatherly favorites.

So No to Ties, Yes to Tie-Dyes

Here’s a fun time you and dad can share over a few cups of joe. Get dad a Serious Tie-Dye Group Kit from Dharma Trading Company. Spend a day with just the 2 of you, or up to 20 of you. 

Supply the white t-shirt (he probably has 30 extras in his bottom dresser drawer that haven’t seen daylight since “Me at the zoo” became the first video uploaded to Youtube), and create some wearable art together. You might even tie-dye ties, if you want to get meta about it.

Sock It To Him With Sacks

Forget socks, especially the ones with funny saying that he’ll keep but never wear unless you’re visiting. Instead, how about cool man bags that can sack up his necessary stuff! 

We found some cool bags, sacks, slings and more on Nutsac.com. This ain’t your grandpa’s murse. Actually, your grandpa didn’t have a murse. He had a briefcase that looked like he had packed to go on vacation for about 12 minutes.

Nutsac’s man bags come in multiple sizes, styles, and textiles or leathers. You wouldn’t be embarrassed to see your dad using one of these to carry all his stuff. His laptop, tablet, phone, tool set, pocket knife, wallet, keys, flask, and more. Sweet tote, pops. 

Tell Dad to Go to His Room—and Escape It

The only mystery deeper than dad’s desire to back into parking spaces, is an Escape the Crate subscription from Cratejoy.com. 

One of our staff got this for father’s day and loved it. A box arrives in the mail, filled with instructions, clues, and links to online addresses specifically designed for that escape room style adventure. 

You’ll both need a good cup of Cooper’s Cask Coffee to help fire up those brain cells as you and dad beat the clock to solve the mystery!

A D.I.Y. Distillery

If your father digs our whiskey barrel aged coffee, he’s going to feel like a Kentucky King with this 5 liter home brewing still!

There are other stills that cost less and make more, but this whiskey still is beautiful, functional, easily put away, and comes with a 5 star rating on Amazon. It’s got a steampunk vibe to its bright copper design, which is equal parts art and moonshine. 

It has less bells and whistles than many of the other stills, so if he’s just gotta have more complications in his life, you might try this 3 gallon alcohol still. Whatever makes him happy! 

Give Dad A Bouquet of Flowers. Meat Flowers.

Guys rarely get flowers. So give him the arrangement he really, really wants- a beef jerky flower bouquet. From the aptly titled Manly Man Company, you can send dad a chew-quet of Original, Teriyaki, Hot, or Mixed beef jerky, with the ends carved into actual jerky flowers.

Choose from 8 or 12 stems arranged in a Manly Man Co. pint glass. You might want to bookmark this for Valentine’s Day for him, too. Because there’s nothing more romantic than flowers.

Especially meat flowers. #winning

Coffee Gifts for Dad Start with Great Coffee

If he loves coffee, the first thing is to get him coffee he’ll love! Cooper’s Cask Coffee offers both single origin coffee and barrel aged coffee for plenty of taste choices to match his many facets. 

If one he receives doesn’t quite fit his palate, Cooper’s Cask Coffee always offers a 100% money back guarantee. Simply ask for a refund or to try another of our coffee choices at no charge (shipping included!). That’s the kind of service dad would approve of.

Contact us with any questions about our coffees. We’d love to help! Small batch, big satisfaction. Cooper’s Cask Coffee. 

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