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The Benefits of Single-Origin Wholesale Coffee Beans

Whole Bean Coffee

January 8, 2024

A picture of two bags of single-origin wholesale coffee beans

Coffee is what gets us through the mornings. Picture this: It’s a Monday. You had a terrific weekend. But now the alarm is going off, and now you’re starting to think that watching TV until midnight wasn’t the best idea. Fortunately, there is salvation! Waiting for you downstairs is a steaming cup of coffee.

Now, what kind of coffee did you picture? Surely it wasn’t a stale, old packet of the freeze-dried variety. You want the good stuff—the kind that you can smell from across the house. If you’re going to be selling coffee, you want it to be the kind of coffee that tastes natural and real.

You want complex, pronounced flavors that linger on your customers’ tongue and pair well with fruit (and maybe a donut or two). You need high-quality coffee that can help start the morning off right. And that all begins with single-origin wholesale coffee beans.

But what if you’re not a coffee aficionado? You don’t know a Kenyan bean from a Keurig machine. Don’t worry—there’s hope for you yet. At Cooper’s Cask Coffee, we don’t want to prevent anyone from trying their perfect cup of coffee.

That’s why we’re breaking down the benefits of single-origin wholesale coffee beans. You can flip your morning routine on its head. When we sell coffee, we want our customers to look forward to going to bed, just so they can wake up and have a cup of coffee. And it all starts with the beans.

What does single-origin even mean?

First, let’s get you up to speed on some of the terminology. What do we mean by the term “single-origin”? Some people may disagree on the term’s definition, but when we say “single-origin,” we mean that we can trace the beans’ origins to a specific country.

Lots of us don’t actually consider where our products come from, but we should. It may be surprising to hear, but where a coffee is from actually affects the taste of the bean itself.

Different countries have different climates and different soil, which will, in turn, affect the coffee beans. As a result, you may be able to get a good idea of the coffee’s flavor just by learning its country of origin.

A Whole World of Options

Because we understand the value in variety, we have a whole host of single-origin wholesale coffee beans available. When it comes to our beans, we’re just like proud parents—we can’t choose a favorite. But you can!

We have beans from several different countries, from Brazil to Tanzania. They all have different tastes, notes, and flavors, but don’t get overwhelmed by all the choices; the other options will still be here when you finish your first bag! But if you’re looking to buy coffee wholesale, you may want an idea of what you’re looking for before you ever order it.

A farm where people harvest single-origin wholesale coffee beans

If you’re not sure where to begin, consider taking a look at our online coffee finder tool. We installed this feature for anyone suffering from a bit of choice paralysis. You just have to answer a short survey about your preferences, and we’ll instantly send you a personalized recommendation. It’s never been easier to see which coffee is right for you.

A Commitment to Quality

At Cooper’s Cask Coffee, we’ve made quality the number one priority. We didn’t start in this business because we wanted to make a quick buck—far from it! In fact, this business started as nothing more than a hobby.

Back in 2014, our founder, John Speights, decided to brew his own whiskey infused coffee. He was impressed by the pronounced, nuanced flavor. He knew other people would be too.

But as the Cooper business expanded, we knew that we needed to maintain our commitment to quality. Quality coffee is what got us here in the first place.

We made our bones on barrel-aged coffee. We take our beans and rest them in bourbon barrels from hand-picked distilleries. We do this so we can pack in as much of that delicious bourbon taste as possible into our beans. But as much as we love our bourbon-flavored coffee beans, we also infuse them with rum, wine, and whiskey, as well!

And, of course, we only infuse single-origin beans. Because what’s the point of barrel-aging a low-quality bean? When fresh, gourmet coffee beans meet delicious, robust liquors, you have something truly special on your hands.

But how are single-origin wholesale coffee beans harvested in the first place?

The Origins of Single-Origin Coffee

Most people don’t know how coffee is planted and harvested. This is to be expected—lots of us don’t know where our food and drinks come from. But maybe we should! If we know more about the coffee harvesting process, then we can determine if our coffee is of high quality. This is the first step in developing higher standards for our coffee.


Our coffee beans don’t just appear that way in the wild! The first step is planting the seeds, which will then grow into coffee plants. It may take 3 to 4 years for fruit to appear on the coffee plant. Coffee plants produce coffee cherries, which can be processed to produce the coffee beans that we know and love.


The next step is harvesting the cherries. This can be done through two distinct methods: the dry method and the wet method. More on those methods later, but the goal of these processes is to separate the beans from the cherry. Once the bean is separated, workers will then dry, mill, and polish the beans so they can be transported to coffee sellers like us!

The Right Stuff

The coffee process is long and intensive, which is why we’ve been sure to import our coffee from ethical sources. We don’t want anyone to have to suffer in poor conditions or accept unfair wages to bring us our coffee beans.

Is fresh coffee worth it?

Convenience is a big factor in everyone’s morning routine. We understand this—we’ve had our share of rough mornings, as well. But quality should be an important factor, too! When you brew fresh coffee, you’ll notice the difference immediately. And if you want the freshest, tastiest coffee possible, you should consider taking the extra steps and grinding your own beans.

The Whole Bean

Some of our customers are hesitant when it comes to the idea of grinding their own beans. Yours may be, too! They see it as a frivolous, pointless step in the coffee-brewing process. But we couldn’t disagree more. Granted, we have other options for those who simply don’t have time to grind their own beans, but we think coffee drinkers should make the time.

A close up of single-origin wholesale coffee beans
Coffee beans and ground coffee on a wooden table like a spiral. Vintage style concept

Not only is grinding your own coffee beans important, it might be the most important part of your coffee routine. As our customers take the coffee beans and grind them into submission, they’re actually unlocking naturally stored flavors.

Our customers who have grown up on freeze-dried coffee can’t believe the difference after they start to grind their coffee themselves. It’s a whole new flavor experience.

Bigger isn’t always better!

There’s no doubt about it—Cooper’s isn’t the biggest brand in the world. But as crazy as it might seem to some, we like it that way. Because we’re a little smaller, we can afford to put the TLC into the little things. We took our time researching the best beans and coffee growers so that the quality of our product shines through every time.

Other, larger coffee companies have abandoned that effort in favor of maximizing profits. So the consumer is left with burnt, artificially flavored beans. At Cooper’s Cask Coffee, we’re not about that life. If a customer is taking the time and spending the money to try our coffee, we want to make sure that they’re glad they did.

More About Our Single-Origin Coffee

Now, let’s get a closer look at some of our single-origin wholesale coffee bean options. Everyone’s coffee preferences are different, so we were sure to do the research necessary to find high quality to match everyone’s tastes.

To take all of the guesswork out of the equation, we want to explain what makes our coffee bean options different and distinct. If one doesn’t tickle your fancy, that’s fine! Take a look at another—we’re sure we have at least one coffee flavor that will appeal to you and your customers.

Organic Sumatra Dark Roast Coffee

The first single-origin coffee we’ll take a look at today is our Organic Sumatra Dark Roast Coffee. We think this is a pretty universal flavor. If you and your customers like a dark roast, then this will likely appeal to your taste buds.

As the name suggests, these beans are grown in Sumatra, an island in Indonesia. This coffee was wet processed and made to taste organic and earthy, almost like you can taste its history. We also have included notes of dark chocolate and tobacco. These add a hint of complexity, while still maintaining that aforementioned earthy flavor.

Wet Processing

You may have noticed that we used the term “wet processed” for the Organic Sumatra Dark Roast Coffee. But what exactly does that mean?

Wet processing is designed to keep the flavors of the coffee fresh and pronounced. During the dry process, beans are left to dehydrate in the sun, but during the wet process, workers push the beans through a pulping machine. This pulping machine separates the skin and pulp from the bean.

Once that process is complete, the beans are then dried like normal. Depending on the region, some coffees will be more acidic. If a region wants to enhance that natural acidity, they may use the wet process.

Colombian Dark Roast Coffee

Another option we have for a dark roast coffee is our Colombian Dark Roast Coffee. You might be thinking, “Didn’t we just go over a dark roast coffee?” But we want to highlight that there’s more to a coffee than its roast. The natural flavors of the beans come through prominently in this coffee.

Our Colombian Dark Roast Coffee has hints of cocoa and fruit. So your customers should notice a pleasant sweetness as they sip on this coffee. And like all of our other selections, these beans have been rated grade 1. But what does that mean?

Making the Grade

With so many coffee farms all over the world, there needs to be a system in place to judge the quality of the coffee. And there is! There’s a grading system from 1 to 5 that determines how many defects you may find in a given coffee bean.

We’re sure to keep our coffee beans at grade 1, which is the highest grade possible. Grade 1 means that there are minimal or zero defects in the beans. It also ensures that the moisture content in the beans is optimal—we don’t want the beans to be too wet or too dry, but somewhere in between.

Our commitment to grade 1 beans shows that we have a commitment to quality.

Ethiopia Bold Light Roast Coffee

If you’re interested in a lighter roast coffee, try our Ethiopia Bold Light Roast Coffee. We don’t want our coffees to all taste the same.

The reason we put so much effort into finding different single-origin wholesale coffee beans is because we know that even the most minute details can impact how a coffee tastes.

For example, Ethiopia Bold Light Roast Coffee has a lighter, less obvious flavor consisting of subtle notes of fruit. You may notice flavors like berry and honey. These flavors won’t seem artificial—they should have an overwhelmingly natural and organic taste. 

Boom! Roasted!

You’ve heard us talk about light and dark roast, but if you’re a new coffee seller, you may not be exactly sure what those terms mean. Does a change in roasting style really change how coffee tastes? The answer is simple: yes!

The effect that a roast has on single-origin wholesale coffee beans can’t be overstated. While the origins of a bean will transform a coffee’s flavor, a roast style can too. Is that change for the better or the worse? That’s entirely up to the drinker. Some people love the taste of a dark roast, and others vastly prefer the flavor of a light coffee. But how can you know which roast style is right for resale?

Dark Roast

So, what does a dark roast taste like? Some might assume that it has a more distinctly “burnt” taste, but it shouldn’t (unless, of course, someone burns it)!

Instead, a dark roast tastes most like… well… coffee. Now, that might seem incredibly obvious, but a dark roast should taste like your stereotypical idea of coffee. So, if you’re selling to coffee enthusiasts, then you might want to consider trying a dark roast.

Light Roast

A light roast is simply cooked for less time. As you cook coffee, you are actually forcing out the moisture inside the bean, meaning that a bean cooked for less time will have more moisture inside. The bean itself will be denser.

Though you may assume that a denser bean will produce a thicker coffee, the opposite is true! The texture of a light roasted coffee will be thin, resembling tea. But that’s not to say that this coffee won’t pack a punch.

Because most of the moisture has been retained in the bean, it will release more caffeine in the brewing process. Light roasted coffee means strong levels of caffeine.

An In-House Roast

At Cooper’s Cask Coffee, we like to do things ourselves. Of course, this takes more time and costs more money, but we don’t think there’s any real advantage to cutting corners. When a company takes the easy way out, the only one who suffers is the customer!

Roasting single-origin wholesale coffee beans

We’re sure to do all the roasting ourselves. This way, we can keep an eye on our beans, ensuring that they’re roasted to perfection. If we left the roasting to a third party, then the beans may come out burnt or undercooked. We think it’s important to take care every step of the way.

Loring isn’t boring!

Lots of other coffee roasters opt to use drum roasters to roast their single-origin wholesale coffee beans. They do this because it’s easy. Unfortunately, drum roasters can lead to a whole host of problems, like burnt and evenly cooked beans. This is because the metal in the drum is very hot and may burn beans on contact. We do things differently.

We use Loring coffee roasting machines, because they utilize hot air—or convection—to heat the beans evenly. Loring machines don’t have just one setting, either. They can be totally customized to get the exact kind of roast that we’re looking for.

Chill Out!

You’re here because you love coffee and want to sell it for yourself, but maybe you’ve been feeling a little underrepresented up to this point. While many people can’t wait to get their hands on a steaming mug of joe in the morning, that isn’t true for everyone. Some people can’t stand the taste of a hot beverage.

But that doesn’t mean coffee isn’t perfect for your customers! Cold brew coffee is a popular choice for our more heat-sensitive consumers. And if you’re selling to customers who don’t mind the cold, we have single-origin wholesale coffee beans for you.

Peruvian Cold Brew Coffee

Our Peruvian Cold Brew is perfect for an extra-pepped step in the morning. While you don’t have to drink coffee cold, we think its specific flavor profile is perfect served on ice. This medium roast coffee has pleasant notes of caramel, cherry, and citrus.

Guatemala Cold Brew Coffee

As with our Peruvian Cold Brew, you don’t have to drink our Guatemala Cold Brew Coffee cold, but we think you should! These medium roasted, USDA-certified organic, Guatemalan coffee beans have hints of milk chocolate and caramel. It’s not overpowering, but it is a pleasantly sweet pick-me-up for the morning.

The Benefits of Cold Brew

Did you know there are actual health benefits to drinking cold brew? It’s true! Aside from being a cool alternative to a hot cup of coffee, cold brew has some medicinal benefits as well! Cold brew coffee can actually have a positive effect on your metabolic rate, meaning that it can help you burn fat faster.

Cold brew can also lower your chances of contracting heart disease! Cold brew coffee has specific, beneficial acids and compounds that can help treat high blood pressure. So if you’re on the fence about selling some of our cold brew coffee, keep those benefits in mind. Coffee is a powerful thing!

Can’t Decide?

So now that you’ve had a look at some of our choices for single-origin wholesale coffee beans, you might have a big problem—you can’t choose between them! The good news is that you don’t have to. We have choices for our more indecisive customers. 

We’ve made sure to offer coffee box sets, so that way you can try all kinds of different single-origin coffee options to decide which one you want to sell for yourself. We don’t expect anyone to buy bags and bags of our coffee just to sell something their customers may not enjoy. So our box sets allow you to sample the goods without worry!

Register for Wholesale

If you love our coffee and you want to sell it yourself, then we’re absolutely flattered. Better yet, we have steps you can take to make that dream come true. Check our wholesale registration page.

There, you can fill out some basic information, and we’ll get started reviewing your application. We’re excited about the idea, so we’ll be sure to review the submission within just 24 hours. We’re very proud of our single-origin wholesale coffee beans, and we’re glad that you’re excited about them too.

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