About Cooper's Cask Coffee Company

Who is Cooper anyway?

A Cooper is the name of the age old profession of building wooden casks, or barrels.

There are many myths about coffee, like dark roasts “will wake me up” and light roasts are weak or how coffee is coffee, just add cream and sugar. But, it is more than just buying coffee beans online, much more. Coffee should be enjoyed for it’s complex flavor, aroma, and small nuances like a fine wine or a smooth whiskey. Just like the wine and distilled spirits, they both share an aging process in which the medium, oak barrels, imparts some flavor and complementary components into them.

Personally, I drink my coffee without adding cream, milk, sugar or additional syrups to mask the true flavor of a real quality bean. These real, complex coffee flavors are delicate and should be enjoyed using more than one sense. Coffee from different regions around the world also have specific traits that make them unique. Most coffee is blended which is taking coffee from different regions and mixing them together. This is nulling out most of the delicate flavors. We truly believe in single origin coffee of the highest quality and freshness.

Once a bean is roasted it has a relative short freshness period, usually a week. After which the flavors start to degrade and oxidize. Grinding coffee beans accelerates this process even faster. That is why we only roast what is ordered and fresh. The roast date is on every package to show this. The coffee is not roasted in a massive plant where they are bagged and sitting in warehouses and retail shelves for many weeks or months. Why sacrifice a great cup of coffee for convenience? The K-cups have made it very convenient and this creates a huge sacrifice to quality. Just like you wouldn’t buy a loaf of bread that was sitting for weeks or let it sit in your cabinet or counter for weeks on end.

We have taken this coffee to the next level, barrel aging. Just like wine, bourbon, rum and whiskey are barrel aged to complement the flavors, we have found that barrel aging the unroasted coffee beans in used barrels has enhance and intensify the natural flavor of the beans. We have skillfully selected a bean with the flavor notes and subtleties that will best match and complement the flavors imparted by the aromas left behind in the empty barrels..

Many people may ask, “Isn’t this the same as flavored coffee?”. It is completely different. Flavored coffee is the process of adding a flavored syrup to the beans after it has been roasted to take on the predominate flavor. Such flavors are made from artificial flavorings made from chemicals. While this may be appealing to many people, the true flavor of coffee has been lost. It is like ordering a fantastic cut of steak that is cooked to perfection and dumping ketchup all over it. What do you taste? Just the ketchup and a hint of steak.

A great cup of coffee is good when you can drink it black and notice the subtle flavors of fruits such as berries, or natural sweetness like caramelized sugar, or earthy tones like plum or fresh tobacco. Add the barrel aging and the senses are enhanced to a whole new level.

Just like some people are always searching for the next new experience, we are always finding that next, wonderful cup of coffee that can help ease your day and give you a small escape into happiness.