Taste the distinction

Barrel aged coffee

We all know how many different coffee options are out there—from big chains and small shops to retail stores and subscriptions. So how does Cooper’s Cask Coffee stand out? Well, we use highest quality grade 1 single origin beans and combine them with our signature barrel aging process to create one-of-a-kind coffee drinking experiences.

What makes barrel aged coffee unique is in the way it intensifies and heightens the bean’s taste profile. We hand-select the single origin beans that best match the flavor of the spirit, age them in the barrel to absorb their flavor, and roast them fresh. Learn more about each of our barrel aged coffee options below!

Do coffee and spirits mix? For most people, that question probably depends on who you ask (or how their day is going). In this case, we’re not talking about mixing in a shot of your preferred liquor store beverage.

We’re talking about using the flavor provided by spirits and their wooden barrels to intensify and enhance the flavor of your coffee! While you won’t catch any buzz, you will get great tasting coffee with a unique flavor profile—perfect for anyone who loves the taste of certain spirits

The process of barrel aging has been around for thousands of years. People have used it to complement the natural flavors of spirits like bourbon, whiskey, rum, wine, and more. With temperature and environment playing a critical role, it takes a keen sense and knowledge to know how outside factors will affect the barrel’s wood. The wood is what lets out vapor from the barrel and brings in oxygen, while also acting as a filter to remove any unwanted flavors.

Quality barrel aging can help take your drink to the next level, and the same is true for coffee beans! Our barrel aged coffees use premium grade 1, single origin coffee beans from different regions across the world. Choosing the right beans is an integral part of the barrel aging process. Because of factors like soil, elevation, temperature, and humidity, each region offers distinct traits that impact how coffee beans grow—while also impacting how they’re harvested.

As a result, each county’s coffee will have their own complexities, flavors, notes and subtleties that impact both their aroma and taste profile. Part of our job as coffee experts is to constantly tweak and test our process to find out which beans go well with bourbon barrel coffee specifically.

Once we do find the perfect single origin coffee beans to complement the spirit, we start the aging process. Barrel aging coffee beans allows them to absorb the tastes and aromas of both the spirit and the rich oak barrel—enhancing and intensifying their flavor. Finally, we freshly roast the barrel aged coffee beans in small batches to maximize their taste profile.

Whether you’re a coffee purist, a spirit enthusiast, or just want to try something new, we know you’ll love our barrel aged coffee! If you need help finding the perfect coffee for you, we recommend using our product match tool to find the bag that best fits your tastes.

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