Father's Day Single Origin 2 Bag (24oz) Box Set

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Select 2 bags of Single Origin Coffee plus a custom card in a Box Set.

Single Origin Sumatra Dark Roast 12oz
The volcanic island region gives way to an earth tone rustic sweetness.  You will find undertones of woody cedar, dark chocolate, slight dark stone fruits and a hint of raw tobacco.  It is roasted to a full dark roast to showcase the dark rich flavors and rustic earth tones.

AMAZING TASTE PROFILE: Woody Earth, Dark Chocolate, and Dark Cherry with a hint of tobacco. A smooth and bold coffee.

Ethiopian Intensely Bright Light Roast 12oz
An incredibly vibrant boutique aromas with a bold intense colorful flavor.  The beans get this unique flavor because of the dry process the farm uses.  Dry process is the extra tedious step of laying out the coffee cherries of heirloom varietals on raised beds to dry in the dessert sun.  This imparts some of the actual cherry into the beans for a distinct citrus, raw floral honey and wild berry undertones.  It is roasted to a light roast level to maximize the flavor intensity and caffeine.

VIBRANT TASTE PROFILE: Intensely bright and clean, lemon tart, raw honey, floral nectar.

    Single Origin Rwanda Medium Roast 12oz
    The farms of Rwanda are considered high-grown at elevations of 1800 to 2000 meters and is known as the land of 1000 hills.  This single origin Rwanda bean is of the Bourbon varietal have a balanced sweetness of rich caramel and brown sugar with a tea like lemon ginger finish.  It is roasted to a full-bodied medium to release the peak caramelization of the natural sugars locked in the bean.

    AMAZING TASTE PROFILE: Rich caramel, brown sugar, honeyed sweetness, ginger snap


    Single Origin Kenya Coffee Beans, Dark Roast, 12oz 
    We select only the highest grade, Kenya AA of the Bourbon varietal.  These beans exhibit a great combination of tart and dark fruit notes.  The aromas have a molasses honey wheat tea biscuit like scent.  It is roasted to a slightly darker medium roast to bring out a bitter sweet chocolate and dark cherry fruited sweetness.

    AMAZING TASTE PROFILE: Honey wheat, bitter sweet chocolate, molassis biscuit

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