Meet John & Jason

How it started..

Jason and I met in 2005 while working in the same department for a technology company. At one point, I remember being intrigued when Jason mentioned that he was importing and roasting his own coffee beans. I learned that over the course of several years, he had tried a number of varieties from all over the world. I remember, quite distinctly, being handed a cup of freshly brewed coffee that he’d roasted himself, and then enjoying the time he took with me to share the tasting profile, origin, and the best ways to prepare and enjoy it. I was hooked, and ever since then, we’ve been great friends enjoying great coffee.

Fast forward to 2014. I happened upon a few companies that were aging tea in wine barrels. “What a great idea,” I thought. And then I started to ponder, “Well, what about coffee?” I did a search and discovered a few companies that were aging their coffee beans in used whiskey barrels. I ordered their products, but unfortunately, I wasn’t all that impressed. I knew I could do better.

Over the years, Jason and I have tried some very high quality coffees made from exceptional beans. I knew that between the two of us, we had the skill to combine the right beans with precise roasting and the best whiskey barrels, and in the end, we would harness an unsurpassable coffee experience. I called Jason, shared my thoughts, and the rest is history.

We’ve done a lot of work, and with this, I can tell you simply: We’ve got the right beans. Our roasting levels are perfect. The aging processes are pristine. We’ve done it. You will truly enjoy a cup of Cooper’s Cask coffee.

Jason Maranhao

My friends and family know me as a person of many passions. One of my strong passions is for great tasting coffee! My passion for coffee developed over the years. In the beginning I would drink the office “stink” pot of coffee and throw in the cream and sugar to make it palatable.

Then I started with a french press at home and better quality beans while drinking it black. It wasn’t until I started roasting my own beans where I truly found my passion.

I first started roasting beans on a frying pan on the stove sending the house smoke detectors into a frenzy. Then I modified a hot air popcorn popper, and now a commercial roaster. I tried all kinds of beans from different locations around the world. Now we have ventured upon an entirely new level of the coffee experience, whiskey barrel aged beans. The aroma and flavor is incredible with a intensely long finish!

John Speights

My passion for coffee started to take shape over 10 years ago when I worked with Jason at a local technology company.

When I heard of the barrel aging method I ordered pounds of coffee from as many vendors as I could find. Even though I was disappointed with these products I was still intrigued. So I contacted Jason and we ended up working on our first batch. I set out to the local Sons Of Liberty distillery to purchase our first barrel and after some trial and error we paired a great coffee bean with an amazing whiskey from Sons of Liberty.

It’s rare to be able to work on something that you’re 100% passionate about. It stops becoming ‘work’ and evolves into part of who you are. I hope to share this experience with others who appreciate an awesome cup of coffee. Thanks for stopping by the site!